Radiofrequency Facial Treatment

radiofrequency facial treatment

A Radiofrequency Facial Treatment is perfect for you if you’d like firmer, tighter skin that has a more youthful glow and appearance. 

As we mature, our skin loses its natural plumpness, as our natural collagen and elastin levels decline. 

Radiofrequency facial treatment stimulates your skin’s natural collagen and elastin levels, helping you to achieve more youthful-looking skin.

The beauty of these treatments is that they continue working long after you have left me. As these treatments are stimulating your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen, it continues to do so for several weeks post treatment. 

A course of 6 treatments is recommended every 2-4 weeks, with a maintenance treatment every 2-3 months. 

What can a Radiofrequency Facial Treatment Help With?

Welcome to the most relaxing treatment I offer! 

A Radiofrequency Facial Treatment is a warming and enjoyable experience, that’s working it’s magic as you lay there and relax. 

I use the Lynton 3Juve system in my clinical practice, due to its medical-grade (and award-winning) technology.  

This treatment involves using a probe on your skin, with heat. The gentle heating of the skin initiates collagen production in your skin, producing a lifting and tightening result. 

The Personal Touch

During your consultation, we will discuss your skin’s needs and I will carry out a full assessment. 

I’ll explain the treatment fully to you and answer any questions you have. It’s important that you feel comfortable and at ease , prior to committing to any treatment. I’ll go through exactly what you can expect and talk to you about realistic outcomes of treatment. I completely understand that you may like to go away and think about everything we have discussed, before committing to booking a treatment. So you won’t experience any ‘hard selling’ from me.

Please book a consultation to find out how I can help you to look and feel amazing. I look forward to meeting you, Nikki


Are you ready to take the next step towards the skin you've always dreamed of?

I am so pleased to have found Nikki, she is highly skilled, fantastic company as well as being such a great source of advice, knowledge and is always searching for new and improved treatments. I would absolutely recommend Nikki to anyone - I look forward to every treatment with her and love the results.. Couldn’t ask for any more!
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