best anti ageing product
Best Anti Ageing Product – is there such a thing? I’m always being asked ‘what’s the best anti ageing product?‘
best anti ageing treatment
What are the BEST anti ageing treatments? Find out how to get skin that glows and makes you feel confident.
breast cancer month
Breast Cancer Month – October 2019. I think most of you are aware by now that this is Breast Cancer
proud mary soaps
Proud Mary Soaps SPOTLIGHT ON PROUD MARY SOAPS as part of my October Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Now, you might
3 counties breast cancer support group
3 Counties Breast Cancer Support Group  As part of my continuing ‘SPOTLIGHT’ series in October, I’m delighted to feature the
kindred spirits choir
Kindred Spirits Choir I am delighted that Kindred Spirits Choir are next in my SPOTLIGHT series for Breast Cancer Awareness
Rejuvenated and The Pink Ribbon Foundation
Rejuvenated and The Pink Ribbon Foundation SPOTLIGHT time for the wonderful team at Rejuvenated and The Pink Ribbon Foundation.  Now,
breast cancer support group basingstoke
Breast Cancer Support Group Basingstoke As part of my ‘Spotlight on Breast Cancer’ series, today I’d like to tell you
LED Light Therapy Treatments
LED Light Therapy Treatments Have you heard about LED Light Therapy Treatments? Light Therapy facials are probably the best known
scalp tattoo transformation
Scalp Tattoo Transformation When I look at this scalp tattoo transformation, it’s a reminder of how LUCKY I am that
Breast Cancer Month – October As many of your will already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So, in
The Secret to Glowing Skin
The Secret to Glowing Skin Would you like to know the secret to glowing skin?  Of course you would! Have
Breast Cancer Awareness Month – SPECIAL OFFER October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For those of you that know
Anti-Ageing Skin Facial
Anti-Ageing Skin Facial Treatment – what’s it all about? As you may have gathered by now, I am very passionate
Skin Cancer Awareness Skin cancer awareness is so important and is something very close to my heart, particularly as  a
Chrysalis online booking system is now available! I am really pleased to tell you all that you can now book
Rejuvenated Collagen Shots
Rejuvenated Collagen Shots – My ‘MUST HAVE’ supplement! Collagen supplements have been all over the media in the last few
It is definitely time to #stopbodyshaming on Social Media! If you haven’t seen the coverage around #stopbodyshaming on social media,
Look Good Feel Better cancer charity
Look Good Feel Better cancer charity- What do you know about us? If we’ve ever spoken, chances are I’ve found
Sunscreen - why it's a MUST
Sunscreen – why it’s a MUST for medical and cosmetic tattooing treatments I honestly can’t stress the importance of sunscreen
LGBTQ Community
LGBTQ Community – Exciting News!  I’m delighted to announce that I am partnering with PINK POUND MARKETING to offer my
best anti ageing treatment
Summer Offers – Competition Time! OK, so the heat may have officially gone to my head – but you lovely
Permanent Eyebrows Correction
Permanent eyebrow correction can be complex to say the least! The first thing I will say about any correction work,
Micropigmentation – Machine v Microblading?   There is a lot of confusion around micropigmentation treatments. I thought I’d take the opportunity
Vitiligo and Tattooing
Vitiligo and Tattooing I often receive queries about vitiligo and tattooing.  It’s not a straightforward condition and therefore the answer
Permanent Makeup
Permanent Makeup – Time saving brows – they do exactly what they say! How many times have you tried to
Male Breast Cancer signs
Do you know the signs and symptoms of male breast cancer?  Breast cancer isn’t just something that women are diagnosed
Areola Artistry
Areola Artistry; 3D nipple & areola tattooing is the VERY reason I retrained and became a Medical Tattooist!  Being able to
Life Changing Eyebrows
Life Changing Eyebrows Never underestimate the power of a beautiful eyebrow! Eyebrows really do help to lift and open the
Scalp Micropigmentation is a fantastic long term hair loss solution. This treatment continues to blow my mind every time I
Male Breast Cancer
Male Breast Cancer – It’s not just women that are diagnosed with breast cancer.  Read the powerful story of Bret,
Permanent Eyebrows
Permanent eyebrows can be a game changer – truly! For this gorgeous new mum (to seriously the cutest baby I’ve
Micro Needling for Burns
Micro Needling for burns is an amazing reminder of how incredibly cleaver the body is at healing itself! Click HERE
Scalp Tattooing for Alopecia
Scalp Tattooing is a fantastic treatment for female hair loss, including alopecia. Thinning hair and hair loss affects many more
Chrysalis by Nikki Butler
Chrysalis by Nikki Butler I thought it might be a nice idea to share how Chrysalis by Nikki Butler –
Skin Rejuvenation Acne Scarring
Skin rejuvenation treatments can really help to improve acne scarring. I met this lovely client when she was still struggling
Female hair loss is something that still remains something of a taboo subject.  Yet over 50% of women over the
Chemo Hats
Suburban Turban  Chemo Hats – beautiful soft hats by Suburban Turban! These are the creation of a wonderful Milliner called
Areola Tattooing
Areola Tattooing Areola Tattooing is one of my favourite treatments to carry out. Here’s a little more information about the
Scar reduction after cosmetic surgery
Scar reduction post cosmetic surgery – a great alternative to scar revision surgery.  Honestly, I get between 2-5 enquiries a
Cancer to confidence
Cancer to Confidence – Life after Breast Cancer; I simply have to share one special ladies journey with you. Not
Are they permanent? Firstly, they are semi permanent and not permanent. That being said, you need to treat them as
Look Good Feel Better I cannot tell you how BRILLIANT I think LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER are. They are an
Nikki Butler Medical and Cosmetic Tattooist
Who am I and what do I do? I suppose this is the best place to start! So ‘Hello’ –
The Top 3 Things I am Asked about Semi-Permanent Makeup   Question 1 – Does it hurt? OK – this
Improving the appearance and feel of scars, stretchmarks and burns Many of us have scarring that we are self-conscious about.
How Advanced Meso-Facial can help you GLOW I’m just going to start by saying ‘I LOVE THIS TREATMENT AND I
Lip Tattooing – what’s it all about? Firstly, let me assure you it’s not all about bright red lips that

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