HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift

The Focus Dual HIFU non-surgical facelift is one of the most sought after anti ageing treatments right now. This incredibly powerful, non-invasive treatment, tightens & lifts your skin, reduces lines & wrinkles and helps to fight those pesky signs of ageing. Sounds good, right?

What is HIFU?

HIFU  stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, and is a non-invasive aesthetics treatment that is used to tighten & lift the skin on the face, neck and décolletage. With good reason, it’s been dubbed ‘the lunchtime facelift’, as the downtime is so minimal – despite it’s outstanding results. 

During your HIFU facial treatment, ultrasound energy heats the deeper layers of your skin, which stimulates collagen production and helps to improve the texture and tone of the skin, it also creates a tightening and lifting effect of the skin. 

During your Focus Dual non-surgical facelift treatment, the ultrasound energy is focused at specific, targeted depths, where the tissue is heated to around 65 degrees. In response to this minor controlled trauma, your body produces fresh, healthy collagen and elastin, and treatment also creates a tightening & lifting response, as part of the recovery process. All of this is great news for those looking for reduced lines & wrinkles, and firmer, tighter skin. 

One of the unique features of Lynton’s Focus Dual, is it can target the SMAS layer, which is the layer that plastic surgeons work on during a face-lift. This makes the Focus Dual results unrivalled, in my opinion. 

What can the Focus Dual help with?

The HIFU non-surgical facelift is one of the treatments that the Focus Dual system can help you with.  The other treatment that the Focus Dual offers is radiofrequency microneedling. Together, these two treatments allow multiple layers of skin to be treated, creating unrivalled, outstanding results. 

Whilst both HIFU and radiofrequency microneedling are incredible on their own, the combination of these treatments takes results to another level! 

HIFU non-surgical facelift benefits

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see from your HIFU non-surgical facelift treatment.  

Improved skin texture and tone: It helps to smooth and firm your skin, which improves the appearance of texture and tone. 

Reduction in lines & wrinkles: It’s great for improving lines and wrinkles, creating more youthful looking skin. 

Firmer, tighter skin: It really is a super hero for tightening and lifting your skin, giving it a firmer,very few treatments have this ability!

Target stubborn pockets of fat: I write this with trepidation! But it’s important.  HIFU facial treatments CAN hep to target stubborn pockets of fat, but it’s VERY important your practitioner understands what they are doing, as this isn’t suitable for everyone. 

HIFU non-surgical facelift FAQ'a

Short on time? Read our quick reference questions about HIFU facial treatments.   Or keep scrolling for more information. 

1-3 treatments initially, spaced 8-12 weeks apart. Then an annual maintenance treatment (treatments vary, depending on each client, and whether HIFU is a standalone treatment, or part of a package).

These areas can be treated with HIFU:

  • Eyebrow lift/drooping eyes.
  • Jawline
  • Saggy jowls
  • Double chin reduction
  • Full face skin rejuvenation.
  • Turkey neck/lax skin on the neck. 
  • Décolletage.
  • Tummy, arms and thighs, for targeting stubborn fat and tightening skin.  

No, unlike many other HIFU machines, the Focus Dual HIFU is very comfortable. Some clients even fall asleep. 

Minimal down time, as it's non-invasive.  Most clients return to work straight afterwards. There are some very simple aftercare instructions to follow, but you can return to most activities soon after treatment.

Like any treatment, there are contraindications. We recommend booking a complimentary Zoom consultation, or getting in touch - so we can discuss whether treatment is suitable for you. See further down this page for more information on contraindications. 

A HIFU non-surgical facelift treatment is a 'slow burn' treatment when it comes to results. Whilst you may see an improvement straight away, this tends to be the inflammatory response from having the treatment. You can expect to see around a 10% improvement immediately, but full results take up to 6 months from your final treatment. 

After your final treatment, you'll still be benefiting from incremental improvement for up to 6 months after your last treatment. I'd recommend an annual top up, to maintain results.  Treatment gaps differ for each client, and we discuss this with you at your consultation. 

Treatments start from £300 for smaller areas. You can click HERE for the full price list. 

For a HIFU Facial, a course of 1-3 treatments is recommended. This will depend on multiple factors, which we discuss at your consultation. The number of HIFU treatments may also be less, if you're combining treatment with radiofrequency microneedling. I'll create a bespoke program that suits you needs and goals, so we ensure you get the best possible results. 

Are HIFU non-surgical facelift treatments safe?

Offering safe treatments is something I am committed to, at my aesthetics clinic in Hampshire. I use Lynton Focus Dual for your HIFU Treatment. With a Medical CE certificate, you can be confident that you’ll get excellent, clinically proven results, in a safe and relaxed environment.

Great care is taken throughout your appointment, and you’ll be given full pre and post treatment information.  It is essential that you provide accurate health information, to ensure you’re not having treatment if you have a contraindication (you can see more on these below).  

As with any treatment, not all systems are created equal. There are many HIFU machines on the market, and some treatments are extremely painful. Fortunately, the Focus Dual HIFU is very comfortable, thanks to advanced technology, and Lynton’s high safety standards. 

Combining HIFU non-surgical facelift with other treatments.

HIFU non-surgical facelift treatments are great on their own, and a highly effective anti-ageing treatment. You can amplify your results, by combining HIFU with treatments such as radiofrequency microneedling, for maximum, long lasting results. 

There’s a reason that the clever team at Lynton bought out the Focus Dual, which combines the power of HIFU with radiofrequency microneedling. It enables me to treat your skin at multiple layers, for maximum results.

And, remember, ageing skin isn’t just about skin. As we age, our muscles, fat pads and bone structure changes too.  Whilst there are clinical treatments that can help you, there are also so great home devices too.  These are topics we will cover, when I create your bespoke program, together with looking at lifestyle factors and boosting your skin through nutrition. 

Do HIFU non-surgical facelift treatments work?

HIFU non-surgical facelift treatments are amazing, and the results speak for themselves. My lovely client is in her 70’s and this photo is after a combined treatment program of 2 x HIFU and 4 x radiofrequency microneedling. 

Whilst treatments are AMAZING, you’ll always get the best results by combining them with targeted skin care and lifestyle & nutrition factors. As a qualified nutritional therapist, I know too well the power of looking after your skin from within. This is how you take great results, to amazing results! 

I don’t offer set packages on HIFU non-surgical facelift treatments, because it’s impossible to predict how many treatments you will need. We work together to ensure you have the best treatment program, to achieve the results you want. There are lots of factors to take into consideration, so I never have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

Are HIFU non-surgical facelifts suitable for everyone?

As with any treatment, there are contraindications. For HIFU non-surgical facelift treatments, the following apply. Please get in touch to discuss if you answer YES to any of these.

• Open wounds or lesions on the face and/or neck including active herpes
• Active acne on the face and/or neck
• Skin pigmentation problems (e.g. Melasma or Vitiligo)
• Pacemakers and electronic device implants
• Metal implants / piercings in the treatment area
• Heart conditions or cardiovascular disease
• An active systemic or local skin disease that may alter wound healing
• Lymphatic/Autoimmune disorders
• Poorly controlled Diabetes
• Epilepsy
• Bell’s palsy or other facial paralysis
• Pregnancy
• Cancer (or radiation/chemotherapy)
• Keloid formation/scarring
• Communicable Diseases (Hepatitis, un-treated HIV etc.)

Nikki Butler Skin Clinic

How can I help you?

I have been passionate about skin (read ‘obsessed’) for the best part of a decade. Whilst I love products & treatments, I know that there is a lot more to beautiful skin than these alone. 

As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I know that what you put into your body is equally as powerful and effective as what you put onto your skin. 

I know that sometimes the thought of making changes to our routines and lifestyle can be daunting, but I promise you there’s nothing radical here, it’s about helping you to create small, incremental changes for the long term. I have nearly 15 years experience as a coach, helping individuals to achieve their goals, so rest assured I will be there to help you through your transformation.

Where can I have a HIFU non-surgical facelift?

My aesthetics clinic is in Alton, Hampshire – which is on the Hampshire / Surrey border. I’m around 15 minutes from both Basingstoke and Farnham, and at the end of a direct train line from London Waterloo. 

My clinic is private and by appointment only, so you can be confident that it’s just you and I in my clinic.  Please get in touch if you’d like to know more, or you can book a complementary Zoom consultation online. I look forward to supporting you on your skin transformation journey. Kindest, Nikki 

"I'd my second HiFU treatment last week. There's no pain just slight bruising that lasted a couple of hours. Nikki is ever so patient and precise in making sure I get the full benefit. Though I've been reminded that I'll only see results in a few month's time but I'm already seeing a small improvement. The sagging jowls are less prominent. I've done my research and I know this treatment is safe and no downtime needed. What's more important I know I've picked the right clinic to have it done. Thank you Nikki xx "
HIFU Facial Client

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