My Little Black Book of Experts

I am privileged to know a fair few aesthetic experts, plastic surgeon and trauma specialists. 

Below you’ll find a list of my favourite aesthetic experts and practitioners, and also some helpful links for other areas, such as trauma specialists and cosmetic and medical tattooing. 

If you are looking for an expert that is not listed below, then please get in touch, and I will do my best to recommend someone to you. I only recommend experts that I trust. 

Trauma Specialists

Whilst not technically aesthetic experts, I feel strongly that providing access to trauma support. So many of my clients have trauma scars, from self-injury, to scars from accidents, attacks, burns and life changing surgery. Sometimes, having some support around the trauma, feelings and experiences can really help.

Both Danny and Venka are not only experts in their field, but they are both incredibly kind, intuitive and empathetic people. The minute I met both of them, I could see that they truly cared about their patients and helping them. 

EMDR therapist

Venka De Rooij - Trauma Specialist

Venka is truly wonderful! She’s the perfect combination of professional, direct, funny, kind and empathetic. She has an incredible way of making you feel safe, seen and supported. 

She is an accredited psychotherapist & hypnotherapist that helps people permanently heal & move forward from trauma using gentle, caring and highly-effective neuroscience techniques.

Venka’s shows up with such commitment and passion, and her knowledge and expertise is mind blowing. Having worked with and met many trauma specialists over the years, I can hand on heart say that you’re in the best hands with Venka! 

You can book a call with Venka, by clicking on the button below. 

danny greaves trauma coach

Danny Greaves - Trauma Therapist

Danny is a multi-award-winning professional therapist, coach, hypnotist, author, and speaker. 

His mission is to change the landscape of trauma therapy and help people reduce and resolve painful or traumatic memories based on the groundbreaking Split-Second Unlearning Theory. 

Danny is a regular expert on BBC Radio and was featured in USA TODAY as being in the top 9 coaches globally to help you level up your life in 2022. Danny works with private clients on a 1-2-1 basis in addition to corporate clients including the likes of Google. 

You can download a free copy of his book via the button below, and access his website. 

Plastic Surgeon - Charles Durrant

The most asked for recommendations when it comes to aesthetic experts, is for a plastic surgeon. 

Charles Durrant is actually the ONLY surgeon I ever recommend. I was a patient of his, and I have recommended so many clients to him over the years. 

He’s highly skilled, but also very honest and somewhat unusual (in my experience), he’s also very personable and empathetic. It’s these combined skills and traits that mean I recommend him time and time again. 

You can click on the button below, and go to Charles’ website, to get in touch. 

Medical Services

Dr Janet Holder at The Candover Clinic or Hampshire Clinic, Basingstoke 

Dr Helen Fawcett – Female Health Clinic 

Dr Alison Johnstone, Candover Clinic, Basingstoke. 

Dr Jess or Dr Sarah at Oris Medical

Michael Boyd at Medstead Osteopath Clinic is brilliant. I can highly recommend him! Click HERE to visit his website. 


Tattooing Services

Kally is an award winning, highly regarded medical and cosmetic tattooist, based in Hitchin. In my opinion, Kally is the best realism tattooist I have seen. 

It was Kally’s areola masterclass that took my medical tattooing to the next level. 

If you’re looking for hyper realism with your tattooing, then Kally is the lady for you.  Again, she has over 20 years of experience and runs a training school. You can either scan the QR code to access her website, or click HERE

Scalp Micropigmentation - SMP

If you’re looking for scalp micropigmentation treatments, then I highly recommend Craig Bottomley-High, who runs Scalp Micro UK. 

Craig trained me initially, and he’s one of the best practitioners I’ve ever seen, both for male and female SMP. He also runs a training academy, so is experienced in both carrying out treatments, and teaching others. 

Craig will be able to help you with density treatments, which create an illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Buzz cut looks, if you’re looking for a shaved head appearance, and also camouflaging scars (including those from hair transplants). 

You can visit Craig’s website Scalp Micro UK, to find out more. 

How I can still help you

Nikki Butler

I am still continuing to carry out my scar improvement treatments, and my advanced anti ageing treatments, including the amazing Focus Dual radiofrequency microneedling and HIFU. 

To find out how to work with me, click on the button. Or you can fill out the Contact Form below.

Location:  6 a Normandy Street, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1BX.  I am on the Hampshire / Surrey border and just 15 minutes away from Basingstoke and Farnham.  I am easily accessible from Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Wiltshire and there is a direct train from London Waterloo into Alton, with the station only 5 minutes walk away.

*Please check your junk/spam folders for email responses.

I am so pleased to have found Nikki, she is highly skilled, fantastic company as well as being such a great source of advice, knowledge and is always searching for new and improved treatments. I would absolutely recommend Nikki to anyone - I look forward to every treatment with her and love the results.. Couldn’t ask for any more!
Multiple treatment client

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