Self Harm Scar Removal

I’m so pleased to be able to tell you that there are self harm scar removal treatments that can significantly improve your scar tissue and restore your confidence. Whilst there is no such thing as total scar removal, there are a number of treatments that can significantly improve the appearance of your scars.  It’s about ‘improving, not removing’, and getting the best possible result for you. 

It’s important to know that I can only treat 18 years and older. I am often contacted by parents of under 18’s, seeking advice and guidance for their children. I have recorded this video to help you, and below the video are lots of links to my Guides and blogs, which are packed full of advice and guidance.  You can watch the video here, or access it on YouTube by clicking HERE, where you can see all the links.

There is also a link to my Little Black Book, with an incredible, specialist trauma therapist, should you feel that you’d like some support in this area.  

Improve, Not Remove

Whilst I do not have self harm scars, I do know how it feels to have scarring that affects your confidence. I took my first major knock at 11, when I was hit by a car and suffered (amongst other injuries) a severe head injury, leaving me with 22 stitches on my forehead, and two separate scars, as there wasn’t enough tissue to put me back together in one place.  I spent years wanting a skin graft and hid behind a fringe, convinced all everyone saw was my scars. 

My other major scarring is on my knee, after 6 knee operations and enduring two bone and cartilage grafts – my knee was a mess. I never wore anything that exposed it. 

Both of these scars really affected my confidence. They affected the choices I made for clothes and hair and made me feel anxious. So, I really empathise with you if you have scarring that affects you in this way, I truly do. 

I was overcome with joy (and excitement) when I discovered scarring could be treated, during my initial training as a Cosmetic and Medical Tattooist. I knew immediately this would be an area of specialism for me. My own experiences are the reason I am obsessed with skin and scar treatments. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to wear shorts for the first time, after I treated my knee. My confidence was through the roof and frankly, it was a relief not to be in jeans in 30 degree heat in summer!

Read on to find out how you can improve your scarring and claim back your confidence! 

scar treatments

Self Harm Scar Removal Treatments

There are a number of scar treatments that are really effective, depending on the type of scarring you have, your skin type and your desired results. 

Here’s brief overview on the treatments available to you, we will look at each one in more detail later on.  

  • Microneedling / Dry needling.
  • Radiofrequency microneedling. 
  • HIFU (in some instances)
  • Fractional laser for skin resurfacing.
  • Medical skin camouflage tattooing.
  • Cosmetic camouflage makeup. 
  • Artwork tattoos. 

Your skin is entirely unique to you, so I don’t have a set approach that I use. I recommend booking a consultation, so that I can assess your skin.  We will discuss treatments options, products and lifestyle factors that will give you the best possible results and agree on a suitable program for you.

Self Harm Scar Removal with Microneedling

I am a huge fan of microneedling, as really this is where my fascination around the skins ability to heal began. I always feel that this treatment is a wonderful reminder of how clever the human body is. 

Microneedling is often referred to as ‘dry tattooing’. It involves creating micro punctures in the skin, to cause a minor trauma. In response to the trauma, your skin starts to produce fresh collagen and elastin, helping to plump the skin, even out the texture and create a youthful and smooth appearance to the skin.  It also stimulates your melanin production, helping your skin to return to your natural skin tone.

Over the last 2.5 years, we’ve had the power of radiofrequency microneedling come onto the aesthetics scene. Radiofrequency microneedling has taken treatment for all scarring, including self-harm scars, to a whole new level. In some cases, I’ll combine this with HIFU, which you can read more about below. 


Meet the Focus Dual by Lynton! This incredible machine combine offer three treatments in one. Microneedling, radiofrequency microneedling and HIFU. I find that radiofrequency microneedling is THE most powerful scar improvement treatment I have ever used. It helps to flatten raised scars, and level out sunken scars.   The addition of the radiofrequency (heat) whilst the needles are in the skin is powerful beyond belief. 

In some cases, for deeper and more complex scarring, I will use HIFU, which is a thermal collagen boosting treating, that treats at deeper depths of the skin. Being able to boost collagen and elastin at multiple layers can give some truly outstanding results. 

Since introducing the Focus Dual at the start of 2021, my fractional laser machine become redundant,  as the results from this system were far superior. Where fractional laser was previously considered the gold standard for scar treatments, this has taken over! 

medical tattoo self harm

Self Harm Scar Removal with Medical Tattoo treatments

Medical Tattooing involves tattooing skin tone pigment into your skin, to blend the scars with your natural skin tone. 

I recommend considering the scar treatment options previously mentioned, before going ahead with medical tattooing. This is a lifetime commitment, as you will require colour refresh treatments every 12-18 months. The scar treatments that I have previously mentioned are based on getting your skin to renew, regenerate and heal, encouraging your natural skin tone to return,  by stimulating your natural melanin levels (melanin gives your skin it’s natural tone).

This is not something that I offer, but I can refer you to an excellent medical tattooist, if this is something you wish to explore.  It is worth considering that this treatment requires a life long commitment, as you’ll need long colour boosts. 

Skin Camouflage Makeup

Skin camouflage makeup is a temporary solution, that requires application every day. These products can also be used whilst you are having treatment for your scars.  They can be a great option, as they allow you to build the colour and adapt to your natural skin tone.  The downside to these products are that they are quite time consuming to apply, as there are setting powders and fixing sprays that are needed, to ensure the makeup stays put. 

If you are considering this option, then please speak with your GP. In some instances, certain brands / products may be available to you on prescription. I personally use Ripar Cover (horrible name, I know!) in clinic, as they have a lot of different colours, plus they can actually cover up an entire tattoo – and you wouldn’t know it was there! Please get in touch if you’d like to know more, I’m happy to advise you on the correct application of these products.  This isn’t a self harm removal treatment as such, but it’s helpful to know that you can effectively use products during treatment, when you’d like full coverage. 

tattoo for self harm scars

Self Harm Scar Removal with Decorative Tattoo treatments

Firstly, I should point out that this isn’t something that I offer.  However, I’m mentioning it here, as my clients often tell me that this is something they are considering. 

Whilst this is an option for you, it’s important that you find a Tattooist that is experienced in tattooing scar tissue. Scar tissue is unpredictable to tattoo, and ink can ‘blow out’ under the surface, meaning that sharp lines becomes blurs or worse, blobs of ink. An experienced Tattooist will be able to discuss designs with you that are suitable for your scar tissue. Typically, fine line work is not recommended, as this has the highest risk of ‘blow out’. My advice is to speak with your Tattooist and ask to see examples of tattoo’s they have carried out on scars, ideally with healed results. If in doubt, seek another opinion. 

Going through self harm scar removal treatments can be emotional. For most scars, there is an emotional connection and story attached. 

It’s completely normal to go through a range of emotions about your scars. I still do, and some of mine scars are from childhood, and have been with me for over 35 years now! 

Be kind to yourself, and patient. 

How can I help you?

Nikki Butler Skin Clinic

I have lived with significant scarring since the age of 11, when I had a nasty childhood accident. I have since gone on to have 14 surgeries.  I can really empathise with the challenges that come with living with scars, and how that can affect your confidence. 

My goal is to help you to feel happy and confident in your skin, so that you can get on with enjoying life.  Whilst we can’t completely remove your scars, it is possible to make a significant difference to the look and feel of them. I know first hand the difference it can make to your life, as I have been able to wear shorts again, after years of hiding away. 

Self harm scar removal process takes commitment and it can be challenging, both emotionally and mentally.  I am here to support you along the way, and I have access to some amazing trauma specialists, EMDR therapists and talking therapists. So, should you feel you need some additional support, please just let me know. 

Are you ready to take the next step?

I had been searching for help with my scars for nearly two years, until a friend of mine recommended Nikki to me. I didn't even know these treatments were available, I wish I'd known sooner. I was really nervous when I went for my consultation, but Nikki put me at ease straight away. She explained the treatment to me fully and answered my many questions! I am so pleased with the results we achieved, I actually feel like I can go out and enjoy myself now, rather than worrying about everyone staring at my scars. Thank you Nikki, I am truly grateful for your help and support. J.M
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