Below are a list of price guidelines for the treatments that I offer.  I am no longer offering cosmetic or medical tattooing, or laser services, following major spinal surgery in June 2022. However, you’ll find details of other practitioners that I recommend in my Little Black Book. 

Please be aware that I don’t offer one-off treatments, as this won’t deliver any real results. I always create a bespoke program for you, based on your skin concerns and desired outcomes. My skin transformation programmes include support and guidance on all areas that impact your skin, using an inside out and outside in approach. This will give you the best possible results, and enable you to maintain your results for the long term, whilst optimising your skin health. 

RM Microneedling non-surgical skin tightening

Radiofrequency microneedling is one of the most powerful anti ageing treatments available. It boasts multiple benefits, including skin tightening & lifting, improved skin tone & texture and reduced lines & wrinkles. A natural collagen induction treatment. This treatment can be combined with HIFU, for the ultimate in non-surgical face lift treatments.

HIFU Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

HIFU is another of the non-surgical face lift treatments, alongside radiofrequency microneedling. This treatment is great for tightening & lifting the skin, and can be used for breaking down stubborn pockets of fat on the face and body (please note, targeting fat will not be suitable for everyone on the face, and this will be discussed with your at your consultation. Please click HERE to learn more about this).

Scar and Stretchmark Treatments

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I can't thank Nikki enough for all her help, honesty and friendship. She truly cares about people's outcomes. When I went on holiday last year I sent her a snap of me out one evening in a strappy dress for the first time EVER. She was genuinely thrilled for me. Thank you Nikki, the work you do changes lives - it's changed mine!"
Burn scar client

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