RF Microneedling Treatments

RF Microneedling Treatments are the latest in advanced anti aging treatments, and are also an excellent scar improvement treatment. The combination of microneedling and radiofrequency has the ability to transform your skin, like never before. 

woman having rf microneedling treatments

RF Microneedling treatments for anti aging

Would you love to have firmer, more lifted skin on your face or body? Perhaps you feel that you’ve lost skin laxity in your jowls and chin, or you’ve got the dreaded ‘turkey neck’?!  Well, you’re certainly not alone. These are all very common signs of aging which, fortunately, we can do something about. 

RF Microneedling treatments are suitable for the face and body, and really help to lift and tighten your skin. Whether you’re looking to improve lines and wrinkles, or you’d like to have tighter, lifted and more youthful looking skin, then this is the treatment for you. 

Combining microneedling and radiofrequency in one treatment will help you to achieve long lasting results that you’ll love. 

RF Microneedling Before & After

RF Microneedling treatments are THE superhero treatments of choice, combining two amazing technologies for incredible results!  

RF microneedling treatments are incredibly powerful. And, whilst you will start to see results in as little as 3 weeks, it’s around 3 months after your final treatment, that you really see the best results.  RF microneedling really is the treatment that keeps on giving!

 I use the Lynton Focus Dual in my clinic, to ensure that you get the best possible results for your skin concerns.  The Focus Dual is a medical CE grade system, with proven results and the highest standard safety levels available.  I’d love to be able to help you transform your skin, I always get such a thrill from seeing how delighted my treatments leave you!

lady having rf microneedling treatments

You'll love the non surgical face lift for firmer, tighter skin.

Would you love to lift and tighten your skin, but don’t fancy the pain (or cost) of having a facelift? Then you’re going to love our non surgical facelift treatments! RF microneedling treatments are fantastic for lifting and tightening your skin on your face, neck and décolletage – and actually, all over your body!

The clever team at Lynton have combined radiofrequency and microneedling (two treatments I offer separately), with HIFU, to give you amazing, long lasting results. Oh, and treatments are quick and virtually pain free! 

This is set to be the BIG treatment in 2021, as Lynton launch their ‘one of a kind’ medical CE grade system. Click below to book your consultation and start your skin transformation today. I can’t wait for you to see the results from RF Microneedling! 

before and after rf microneedling scar treatment on knee

RF Microneedling treatments for Scars

Do you have scars that you’d love to improve? Then read on!

RF Microneedling is a a ‘dual’ treatment, as you get the benefit of microneedling and the thermal benefit of the RF. Together, they stimulate increased collagen and elastin, in  response to the minor controlled trauma that they cause to your skin.  

RF microneedling treatments break down your old scar tissue caused by what I refer to as ‘rapid response to trauma’. When you have an injury, your body very cleverly knows what to do. With the initial injury, your body kicks into healing mode. Often, too much collagen is produced during this time, which is why you are left with white, raised (or sunken scarring). RF Microneedling breaks down the old scar tissue and stimulates a much gentler  healing response, so healthy fresh collagen and elastin are produced.  It also triggers melanin production in your skin, which is what gives your skin it’s natural skin tone. 

Microneedling has long been a favourite of mine for scar improvement treatments. The addition of RF leaves you with even better results, and with a quicker recovery time too! 

RF Microneedling Treatments & Supplements

Having a background in nutritional therapy means that I will work with you to support your skin from the inside out, during  your treatment program. 

Supplements are an incredibly helpful way to help boost your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen, support healthy skin cell production and reduce inflammation. 

I recommend taking supplement during a course of treatments, as they help to ensure you achieve the best possible results. We will also talk about simple and sustainable lifestyle and nutrition changes that you can make, to help support your skin too.  Working from the outside in and inside out will ensure you get the best possible results, both in the short and long term. 

I prescribe Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements, as they are perfect for helping you achieve your long term skin goals. 

How can I help you?

I have been passionate about skin (read ‘obsessed’) for the best part of a decade. Whilst I love products & treatments, I know that there is a lot more to beautiful skin than these alone. 

As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I know that what you put into your body is equally as powerful and effective as what you put onto your skin. 

I have lived with considerable scarring, as a result of having a childhood accident which left me with 22 stitches in my forehead. I have also had 6 knee operations with two bone and cartilage grafts – the scars are impressive, or at least they were before treatment! Scar treatments transformed my confidence, I was able to wear shorts for the first time in nearly a decade, it was so liberating! I’d love you to be able to feel that freedom and confidence too. 

I know that sometimes the thought of making changes to our routines and lifestyle can be daunting, but I promise you there’s nothing radical here, it’s about helping you to create small, incremental changes for the long term. I have nearly 15 years experience as a coach, helping individuals to achieve their goals, so rest assured I will be there to help you through your transformation.

Are you ready to commit to your best skin ever?

Are you ready to transform your skin and well-being?

My skin! At last I have found a treatment that actually works. I found myself looking at my skin a week after my first treatment and noticing how much softer the lines and wrinkles were. I couldn't believe it. After my initial course of treatment I decided to have a monthly maintenance treatment, because I love it so much (plus I like to catch up with Nikki). Thank you for helping me look less haggered - haha! x
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