Scar reduction after cosmetic surgery

Scar Reduction Post Cosmetic Surgery

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Scar reduction post cosmetic surgery – a great alternative to scar revision surgery.  Honestly, I get between 2-5 enquiries a week from ladies that have had cosmetic surgery and have been disappointed with the scarring they are left with.

It’s not always down to things going ‘wrong’, sometimes its down to being left with more scarring than expected.  This can really have a huge impact on confidence.  I’ve heard so many ladies say that they were more self conscious after cosmetic surgery, than they were before!

Here’s a few of the procedures clients have had, that I treat for scarring;

  • Face lift
  • Lip and eyebrows lifts
  • Breast reductions/uplift
  • Tummy tucks

Everyone heals differently and therefore scarring differs considerably after the procedure.  Most surgeons will advise you of this and there is a risk that you may be left with considerable scarring  – our surgeons in the UK are very good for the most part!  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case if you have traveled abroad for treatment.  I am increasingly seeing clients that have had surgery carried out abroad that have been left with extensive scarring.

When can I have treatment?

Post surgical scarring can often leave ladies feeling more self conscious than before they had surgery. This is particularly the case with scarring around the areola or from face lifts.   Once the scar tissue has healed, it typically goes very white in colour, scar tissue takes between 3-12 months to heal completely on the body and 6-12 months on the face.  Your skin needs to have finished healing naturally before I am able to treat the area.  If your scarring is still pink, red or purple in tone, then it is still healing – so be patient and let your body do it’s work.

What can I expect?

If you click HERE you can read more about the wonders of scar reduction micro needling, This is one of the best (or worst in my opinion!) kept secrets.  It’s an incredibly effective treatment that helps to break down old scar tissue and kick starts your body to produce fresh collagen and elastin (responsible for the quality of your skin) and also melanin (responsible for the tone of your skin).  This treatment can significantly improve the look and feel of the scar tissue.


So don’t just take my word for it! This lovely lady came to see me after she had had a breast uplift and reduction, plus a tummy tuck.  She had already had her tummy scar tattooed over with flowers, as she wasn’t aware that this treatment existed.  Her post cosmetic surgery scarring had really affected her confidence, so we agreed a treatment plan of scar reduction with micro needling, followed by areola tattooing to even up the edges.   She was so delighted with the results from the scar treatments that she didn’t feel the need to have the areola tattooing carried out.  Here’s what she had to say;

I found Nikki online, I was looking for help with scarring after a breast reduction / lift & tummy tuck, and from the moment of Nikki getting back in touch after my e-mail, felt confident I was finally going to get the help I needed, Nikki has been respectful at all times and I felt completely comfortable with her even under the sensitive circumstances. treatments took place in a clean and very private room and was comfortable at all times, the results are great!! I feel MUCH happier & more confident now that the scarring has been drastically reduced, I am so glad I chose this course of treatments rather than scar revision.

Nikki is a lovely friendly person, who has helped me feel better about myself, her advice along the way has been great, I would definitely recommend trying Nikki’s treatment before any revision surgery”




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