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How it works

How it works

I think that the anticipation and ‘not knowing’ is the most scary part about the whole process.  I deliberately had my eyebrows tattoo’d BEFORE I trained, so that I would know exactly what you are all going through. So let me tell you a little more and share some pictures with you that will give you an insight into what to expect. 

The Patch Test

Now in truth, you can elect to go ahead without a patch test – however, this isn’t my way of working I’m afraid. I believe it’s really important to patch test with both the local anesthetic that I use and the pigments. Whilst allergic reactions are very rare, they can occur – so my policy is to patch test ALL of my clients. 

I can patch test in two ways.  Firstly, you’ve very welcome to come and see me and I’ll patch test you in person.  Consultations are free of charge and it’s a good opportunity for us to have a chat about the treatment and what you’d like to achieve. Alternatively, I can send you a patch test kit in the post (it’s very simple and comes with clear instructions). 

Your first appointment and Consultation

If you came to see me for your patch test, we will have had a chat at the time about what you are hoping to achieve with your permanent makeup treatment.  If you did a patch test by post, don’t worry – I build an additional 30 minutes into your first appointment for a full consultation.

For eyeliner, we will discuss the thickness and colour of eyeliner you’d like. I will apply a local anesthetic 15 minutes before we start the treatment. (you will have been patch tested with this, as well as the pigment) I also apply local anesthetic throughout, to help you feel comfortable.

For eyebrows, we will discuss whether you would like hairstroke brows or powder brow effect.  In order to identify the right colour, I’ll ask you a few questions and then place some pigment onto your forehead, so we can see which colour works with your skin tone. This is really important and ensures that the colour we use works well with your colouring. Often I will mix a custom colour up for you.

I will also draw the outline of the brows on, carefully using calipers and specific measurements to ensure they are even.   However, as it’s very rare for anyone to have a completely symmetrical face, I often have to tweak the outline so that they look even (did you know everyone has a flat and rounded side to their face?? It’s true!).  The outline can look a little scary (see the picture), but please be assured I don’t tattoo around this line! It’s simply a guide for the hairstrokes to start, to ensure both brows are even. Have a little look at the gallery to see the before, drawn on and finished examples.

Local anesthetic is applied 30 minutes before I start tattooing and throughout the procedure, to ensure that you are comfortable.

For medical procedures and scalp: This is dependant on your individual requirements. Careful measurements and colour matching are carried out at your treatment.  Hairlines and areola designs are created, to ensure that they are natural and bespoke to you.


During and after the procedure


Immediately after your treatment you can expect the following;

Eyebrows:  The colour will appear around 20-30% darker than your final colour will be. This is because it is freshly tattooed and sat on the skin, rather than in the skin. It will appear darker for around 7 days post treatment. You may also have redness around the brows, which will go down within 24hrs. You may feel slightly sensitive in the area, but this is all normal. You’ll be given full aftercare instructions at your appointment, so you’ll leave fully prepared for the few days following your treatment.

Eyeliner: Your upper lid may swell and you may find that the swelling comes and goes over the first 48 hours. If you have the treatment done in the evening, you may find your eyes are a little ‘crusty’ in the morning. This is nothing to worry about. Please don’t wash your eyes, you can use a damp clean cotton pad to clean them. Again, full aftercare will be given at your appointment.

Have a little look at some of the pictures immediately post treatment.  In the gallery you’ll find plenty more, plus some fully healed pictures too.


My WONDERFUL Support Network

Having spent a lot of time talking with ladies that have experienced breast cancer, I am acutely aware of the desire to feel confident and positive.   So I have spent time gathering a network of wonderful people that offer support in area’s that can really help you on an emotional,  physical and mental level .  There will be a number of events launched over the coming months in collaboration with these wonderful people, so please keep an eye on my website and social media.  If there are any services or any support that you feel you would love to have access to, please just ask me – I’m pretty resourceful and not afraid to ask for support!

So my lovely network includes;

* Skin care specialists ; to help with the changes to your skin during and after treatment

* Makeup experts and artists; to help with advice and techniques, plus high quality mineral makeup that will look after your skin.

* A very wonderful stylist (who is also a published author!) Victoria specialises in styling her clients by shopping in charity shops and second hand stores.  She also runs a beautiful dress agency.  A couple of hours with this wonderful lady and you’ll feel amazing!

* Bra fitting services; Another lovely lady who is just so helpful and kind! With experience in post surgery and reconstruction, she really will look after you and help you.

* Exercise and Well Being;  I feel like I’m using this word a lot….but another FABULOUS lady! Sarah has complete understanding and empathy with the emotional, physical and psychological challenges around health and well being.  Sarah has run some fantastic campaigns with MIND charity and is so uplifting and inspiring.


Breast Cancer Treatments

I offer a number of treatments that benefit you if you have had breast cancer, including  3D nipple and areola enhancement, micro needling for scar reduction and semi-permanent eyebrows. If you click on the treatments mentioned, you will go through to the specific treatment pages where you can discover how these treatments can really help you.

All of the treatments I offer are aimed at helping you to feel confident and more like ‘you’ again. I never underestimate the difference these treatments make to you, and there is always a box of tissues at the ready, should the happy tears flow!

I offer a free consultation, so please get in touch to arrange this. I can go through treatment options for you and answer any questions you may have.

I don’t post pictures of my medical work on social media, but I do have written permission from many of my clients to share their before and after photographs with you at your consultation.

Are you ready to take the next step? You can book in for a free consultation by clicking on the BOOK NOW button at the top of the page. Or click HERE for my Contact page, where you can send me an email.

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