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virtual skin consultation

A Skinblissology Virtual Skin Consultation is the perfect way to start your skin transformation program from home. Bespoke products, tools and supplements are prescribed, to help you achieve your best skin possible.

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A Skinblissology virtual skin consultation is for you if:

virtual skin consultation

How Skinblissology Virtual Skin Bar works









What to expect after your virtual skin consultation

A Skinblissology virtual skin Consultation is designed to help you get started on your skin transformation from home. You’ll receive skincare products, tools and supplements that have been prescribed for you, to help address your skin concerns and ensure you achieve your skin goals.  Starting your skin transformation from home will ensure that you achieve the best possible results with my advanced clinical treatments too. 

virtual skin consultation

During your virtual skin consultation, we will discuss your answers in your questionnaire (the one you fill out before our call).  I’ll ask you about your main skin concerns, what you’d like to achieve with your skin – and how quick you’d like to see results! We’ll also have a chat about your lifestyle and how you’d like your bespoke program to work. This will help me put together a program that is sustainable for you, whilst giving you the best possible results.  Your program may include some, or all of the following elements:

After your virtual skin consultation, you’ll be sent an email with different bespoke skin programs to choose from.  There will, of course, be my Signature Skinblissology Skin Transformation Program, designed to give you amazing results in the quickest time possible.  This program combines all of the elements listed above, helping you to discover beautiful skin now AND in the longterm. 

You’ll also have the option to choose from:

Simply Skincare: where you will receive prescribed skincare products designed to address your skin concerns.  

Skincare GOLD+: where you’ll receive prescribed skincare products, skincare tools and supplements, created to address your skin concerns from the outside in and inside out.  

How can I help you?

I have been passionate about skin (read ‘obsessed’) for the best part of a decade. Whilst I love products & treatments, I know that there is a lot more to beautiful skin than these alone. 

As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I know that what you put into your body is equally as powerful and effective as what you put onto your skin. 

I have also personally experienced many skin challenges during my stressful corporate career and in more recent years, hormone related skin issues. So I have experienced first hand the effects of stress, insomnia, poor nutrition and hormone imbalances – and it’s not fun is it! 

This is what led me to create Skinblissology programs, so that I can help you to manage all of the areas that are impacting your skin. Creating a bespoke program just for you, because your skin and your lifestyle is unique to you.  

My goal is to help you to manage your skin, improve your well-being and energy levels, plus learn how to look after your skin for the long term, in a simple, sustainable way – with that little bit of luxury that we all deserve! 

I know that sometimes the thought of making changes to our routines and lifestyle can be daunting, but I promise you there’s nothing radical here, it’s about helping you to create small, incremental changes for the long term. I have nearly 15 years experience as a coach, helping individuals to achieve their goals, so rest assured I will be there to help you through your program. 

Are you ready to commit to your best skin ever?

Some frequently asked questions

Don’t worry – you don’t have to choose straight away! You can either choose to commit to your full Skinblissology Skin Transformation Program, or you can build your program as you go.   

Absolutely! This happens a lot! If you want to upgrade and include different elements, then please just let me know and will include the additional elements in your program.  You will need to allow 7 days for the new elements of your program to be created, as this is bespoke for you. 

I promise that you will see transformation results if you choose your bespoke Skinblissology Skin Transformation Program. Your program is designed to support your skin from the outside in and inside out, addressing all factors that impact the quality and condition of your skin. If you commit to following your program then, not only will you see an improvement in your skin, you will feel  much better too.  Your program is created with simplicity and sustainability in  mind, but ultimately you do need to commit to making the necessary changes to get the results you desire.  Remember you will need to be patient too – it takes up to 6 weeks to see the real benefits of your new regime, as your skin will need to go through a full regeneration and renewal cycle. 

 It is impossible to transform your skin for the long term with products and treatments alone.  As your skin is the largest organ in your body, it needs to be looked after from the outside in too, which also includes things like reducing your stress and improving your sleep. 


You can choose between a 3 or 6 month program.  The minimum program is 3 months, because this is when you can fully expect to see transformational results.  

The Skinblissology Program’s are focused on helping you to transform your skin and well-being, and this takes time.  Your results will be achieved through consistency and following your bespoke program.  We will have monthly reviews and make any adjustments necessary to your program, in each of the areas covered.

My aim is to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and tools to be able to look after your skin for the long term. 

Are you ready to transform your skin and well-being?

My skin! At last I have found a treatment that actually works. I found myself looking at my skin a week after my first treatment and noticing how much softer the lines and wrinkles were. I couldn't believe it. After my initial course of treatment I decided to have a monthly maintenance treatment, because I love it so much (plus I like to catch up with Nikki). Thank you for helping me look less haggered - haha! x
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