Nikki Butler skin specialist

Suffering with Skin Stress?

Skin Stress – It’s a thing! Skin stress is far more common than you may think, especially in today’s modern society, where day-to-day stress levels

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Scar Revision Before and After

Scar Revision – What is it? Scar revision is about improving and not removing scarring. I always start with that, because unfortunately, complete scar removal

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Skin Tightening Facial

Skin Tightening Facial – What’s is all about? What IS a skin tightening facial? There are a number of facials that claim to be skin

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Retinol Ruined my Skin

“Retinol Ruined my Skin” If I had a pound for every time some has said ‘retinol ruined my skin’ to me, I’d be pretty rich

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