SMP Hair

SMP Hair

SMP Hair for Men& Women

SMP Hair is also known as scalp micropigmentation, hair tattoo and scalp tattoo, to name just a few!

Essentially SMP hair is a VERY clever way to disguise hair loss for both men and women.  This treatment is so versatile. It can be used to create a ‘shaved head’ look at one end of the spectrum, right through to density treatments to give the illusion of thicker hair.

Thinning hair and hair loss is a highly emotive subject. The first time many of my clients discuss how they truly feel about their hair loss is when they are in clinic with me. I have met both men and women whose confidence is affected, but they have never really talked about the impact before.

Hair loss is a sensitive subject and can be traumatic. We always discuss your reasons for contacting me at a consultation, because the important part is WHY you are considering the treatment. In nearly every instance the response has been to help improve confidence – and this is where the true value of this amazing treatment lies.


I had the privilege of treating the wonderful Kathy, following hair loss after chemotherapy. If you’d like to read her amazing story to read firsthand how scalp micropigmentation helped her regain her confidence after cancer – then click HERE

SMP Hair

What is SMP Hair?

To read more about SMP Hair, then please click HERE.  You can also find lots of FAQs by clicking HERE.

While you’ll find a lot more information in the links I’ve provided, I think it’s worth mentioning here that I offer the follicle simulation technique for SMP hair. This involves tattooing thousands of micro dots onto your scalp, to replicate your natural hair follicle pattern. This is the most advanced form of scalp micropigmentation, which gives a very natural and effective look.

My Training

I have trained with both the UK and International leaders in SMP hair. I hold an accredited Level 4 Certificate in Scalp Micropigmentation from Finishing Touches Group. I have also attended Masterclass advanced training with Matt Iulo from Scalp Micro USA, who holds the industry GOLD Award for Best International Trainer and is one of, if not THE industry pioneer and expert in this field.

In addition to my SMP hair qualifications, I hold a Level 4 VTCT Certificate in Micropigmentation, together with multiple certificates in advanced medical and cosmetic treatments.


Price is on assessment and a consultation is always required for this treatment. I am happy to carry out a consultation in person or by telephone. Prices start at £250.00 per session and 2-4 sessions are typically required, usually 10-21 days apart.

I offer INTEREST FREE FINANCE IN SOME INSTANCES, please ask for further information as terms and conditions apply.


SMP Hair

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