Lift & Luminate The Non-surgical Facelift SILVER

Our ‘Fabulous 40’s’ Lift & Luminate package is perfect for you if you’d like to target the early signs of aging. Your package includes our incredible non-surgical facelift treatments, with results we know you’ll love!

£305.00 / month for 3 months and a £895.00 Intial payment

Are you in your 40’s (or late 30’s!) and would love to target those early signs of aging? Then you’ll love our ‘Fabulous 40’s’ Lift & Luminate package, which includes our incredible non-surgical facelift treatments.  These treatments are perfect for you if you’d like to target fine lines & wrinkles, have tighter, firmer skin, and achieve a glowing complexion.
Our ‘Fabulous 40’s’ package includes a typical number of treatments required, for amazing results. However, your skin is unique to you, so if you decide you’d like to add additional HIFU or RF Microneedling treatments to your face, or you’d like to include your neck too, then please let us know and we’d happily put together a bespoke package for you. We can also support you with skincare and supplements too, to really boost your results (See our Aesthetics Skin Package for more information).
3 x Radiofrequency Microneedling facials ( 4 weeks apart)
1 x HIFU treatment for your face. (4 weeks after RFM)
1 x Active Stem Cell Serum (plant-based) 30ml.
1 x Light Protect 50ml


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