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Here is a selection of examples from my portfolio of microneedling treatments. These show just some of the differences that SPMU (semi-permanent make up) can make. I don’t show all of my clients, especially the medical treatment ones, as many prefer not to have their pictures online. I do, however, have permission from many of them to show you their before and after pictures at private consultation.

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Wake up in your makeup! Brows, eyeliner and lips

Shireen from Basingstoke

Love these lips! Only need to slick on a little balm and you’re ready to go.  Lip colours range from very subtle/natural shades, to vibrant colours.

This is a bespoke colour I blended for my client, to get it just right.  The pictures you can see are before, immediately after (the swelling is a give away!) and two weeks into healing after the second treatment.

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A gorgeous redhead!

Kirsty from Alton

I love the outcome of these brows and eyeliner. My client has the most gorgeous colouring!

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The Wonder Brow!

For this lovely client, her brows have made all the difference. She previously penciled them in every day and they drove her crazy!

She told me her new brows are a revelation and all she does now is slick a little brow gel over them and she’s out the door.

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The ‘No more Powder’ brows

Natalie from Basingstoke

Natalie had been carefully penciling and powdering in her brows for years. It was a big point of frustration for her, particularly when she was on holiday. Natalie wanted to have a hair stroke/powder effect, so that her brows looked natural but didn’t need powder. You can see Natalie’s brows beforehand, straight after the treatment, and when healed.

Love my new brows so much, I love that I don’t have to do anything to them now! Such a time saver! Thank you Nikki!

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Brows Brows Brows!

Jo from Basingstoke

Brows are without a doubt the best way to lift your face and eyes. Many of my clients have over-plucked their brows over the years and I am no exception to this! But with the magic of SPMU, you can see how much of a difference this treatment can make.

Here is Jo beforehand, and after her first treatment. She is one happy lady!

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Subtle lashline enhancement

Gemma from Alton

If eyeliner is too much for you, the lashline enhancement treatment is perfect for adding depth and definition to your eyes. It creates the illusion of more lashes along the lashline and is really stunning. This treatment made Gemma’s blue eyes stand out.

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For real eye appeal!

Shireen from Alton

I really loved doing Shireen’s semi-permanent make up. We went for a medium thickness black eyeliner on the top lashline, lower lash enhancement in black on the bottom and natural hairstroke brows. The overall look was stunning.

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Natural hair stroke brows for grey/white hair

Jan from Alton

This lovely lady in her 60s had fine brows with no tails for many years. She suffers with thyroid disorder and as a result her brows have thinned over the years and the outer thirds don’t grow at all. Jan was delighted with her new brows, they lift her face and helped to perfectly define her face and eyes.

I cannot believe the difference my new brows make! Better (and I’m sure less painful) than a face lift! I never thought I’d have tails to my brows again, so clever. Thank you very much, I really do love my new brows – I can’t stop looking in the mirror.

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A face defining brow…….

Gwen from New Forest

Love these brows, as did Gwen! Naturally a redhead, we carefully selected the right pigment for Gwen. It was really important to get the colour just right, complementing both her gorgeous English rose complexion and striking black hair. The results were fantastic.

I literally adore my new brows, I keep staring at myself in the mirror and looking at my new brows staring back at me. I really can’t thank you enough, they are wonderful and have really given me so much confidence.

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Vibrant lip colour

Kerry from Portsmouth

Just add lip balm and you’re good to go!

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Subtle lip blush enhancement

This subtle lip blush is perfect for adding definition to the lips without being obvious

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Correction time

Flo from Alton

Flo had previously had her eyebrows microbladed and wasn’t happy with the results. The pigments had faded to grey and her brows were uneven and different in shape. She was unhappy with the result and asked me to ‘fix them’ for her.

This really is an example of the importance of making sure that the pigment colour is absolutely right. This is why I always try pigment colours on your forehead (see The Process tab). This way we can be happy that you’ll have a colour that’s just right for your skin tone. I am extremely particular about measuring out your brows. So you’ll see me using calipers and wearing my ‘concentration’ face during this part of the treatment! All essential for a fabulous end result.

I’m pleased to say that Flo was utterly delighted with her new brows.

How It Works

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New Brows for a busy Mum!

Andrea from Alton

New mums are just far too busy to be designing their eyebrows every morning! This new mum now has super new brows that means she can just get up and go in the morning.

I liked my eyebrows before, they were ‘OK’, but they always needed a little tweak to fill in the gaps. Being a new mum I never really got time to do them! So having my eyebrows tattooed has been brilliant, my brows are even and look so well defined, yet natural. I can maintain the shape of my brows really easily now, as I just use the tattooed strokes as a guideline. It’s one element of makeup that I don’t have to worry about anymore, which when you have little ones is invaluable.


The Brows I always wished I had!

When you over pluck in your youth and wish you hadn’t!  So many of us over plucked our eyebrows through the 80s and 90s and when we wanted fuller brows again, well, they were just nowhere to be seen!  Semi-permanent eyebrows are the perfect answer for this common problem.

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Stretch marks post twins

Claire from Basingstoke

Claire came to me for meso skin rejuvenation to improve her stretch marks following the birth of her twin girls. Claire’s stretch marks were quite mild, especially given she had had twins, so I recommended a course of meso-revitatlise to treat them.

Meso is a skin needling treatment and is incredibly effective at improving the appearance and texture of the skin. Typically used on the face as an anti-aging facial, it is also really effective on mild stretch marks. The treatment is carried out using a special needle configuration, which penetrates the skin at around 0.5mm. It works two-fold.

Firstly fantastically powerful serums are pushed into the deeper layers of the skin where they are more effective.

Secondly, where the treatment creates tiny channels from the needling, the skin is kickstarted into producing fresh new collagen and elastin to fill the channels. The combination of this means that the skin starts to look smoother, stretch marks start to fill out with fresh new collagen, and normal colour is encouraged to return.

I will let Claire tell you a little more about her experience.

Unsurprisingly, carrying twins is not great for the figure, one last result has been some yummy stretch marks. Yipeeeee! Having invested vast sums of money on an expensive brand of stretch mark oil and virtually bathing in it every day during my pregnancy, they annoying appeared only after the little ones were out. Even worse, they increased in severity the more weight I lost! Not fair I know! I assumed (as I think most of us do) that that’s it and I would have lines on my tummy forever more (and more and more grey hairs, another side effect of twins apparently). that was until Nikki introduced me to Meso, a non-invasive procedure to permanently improve their appearance.

Results are immediate in so far as you see brighter smoother skin almost straight away. This course of treatments does require patience though. Each time the marks became less visible and the redness fades. My marks were fairly faint to begin with so we decided to start with the meso treatment, rather than go for the MCA treatment, which Nikki does on more noticeable stretch marks.

I would say overall I had around a 70% improvement in visibility of my stretch marks, which is AMAZING given I thought they were going to be permanent. The results are incredible for such a low pain minimal recovery treatment. Highly recommend!

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