Permanent Lash Line Enhancement

best for

Best For

those wanting to give depth and definition to the eyes

sparse or pale lashes



1.5 hours

recovery time

Recovery Time

14 days


Comfort Level

numbing cream applied



from £225



Permanent Lash Line Enhancement

Permanent lash line enhancement is a beautiful way to make your eyes 'POP'.  Something as subtle as the permanent lash line enhancement treatment can be enough to make a real difference, or for a more defined look, you could opt for a permanent eyeliner treatment through the natural lash line.

I have a rule with all cosmetic tattooing treatments that I carry out, and it's this:


I only carry out treatments that are natural and wouldn't look out of place if you had no other makeup on at all.

The reason for not offering fashion makeup is two-fold. Firstly, fashion changes. So what happens when that lovely Latino eyeliner that is all the rage now goes out of date?  Well Houston, we have a problem! You'll be left with your smokey eye / winged flick, facing a fashion faux pas or worst - LASER REMOVAL (*shudder*).

So I choose to tattoo responsibly and future-proof my treatments. If you're dead set on some glamorous winged eyeliner, then I'm not the Technician for you.

Permanent Lash Line Enhancement - the options

My FAVOURITE of all the eyeliner treatments is the permanent lash line enhancement. It's basically as series of micro dots that go through your natural lash line, giving the illusion of depth, without a solid eyeliner look. It's gorgeous! Have a look in my stories or on my social media for examples of it.

Permanent eyeliner
Lash line enhancement

This is a great treatment if you'd like to make your eyes pop, but don't want anyone to know you've had anything obvious. It's perfect if you want to look more awake (me please!), without looking like you're wearing makeup. This treatment is particularly effective if you have very light-coloured lashes, or if you have sparse/no lashes - often a result of chemotherapy or alopecia.

Permanent Lash Line Enhancement - Eyeliner

The second option for permanent lash line enhancement is the full eyeliner. If you'd like to look like you've got a natural eyeliner on 24/7, then this treatment is perfect for you.

You'll love this treatment (and the lash line enhancement actually), if you're someone that wants their makeup to stay put on holiday, in the gym, when you're crying (with laughter I hope). It's a sure fire way to keep your eyes looking pretty all day, every day.

Are Lash Line Enhancements Permanent?

I tend to say that the eyeliner treatments are more permanent than eyebrow treatments, for example. I typically use black or black/brown colour pigments for your treatment, which stay in the skin longer than eyebrow colours. That said, you will still need a colour boost to keep the colour fresh.

18-24 months is fairly typical for colour boosts, although you may require a treatment between one and five years. There are many factors that can impact retention, all of which we will discuss at your consultation.

Are you ready to let your eyes POP?

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I look forward to hearing from you.  Nikki

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