MCA Scar Treatment Dry Needling

MCA Scar Treatment / Dry Needling

Do you have scars or stretchmarks that you would like to improve the appearance of?

Would you love to feel confident in your own skin again?  That would be amazing wouldn’t it. MCA Scar Treatment – Dry Needling can help you achieve that.

What is MCA Scar Treatment / Dry Needling ?

MCA Scar Treatment/dry needling is often referred to as micro needling or dry tattooing.  If you have scars, burns or stretchmarks that have finished their natural healing process, then this treatment may  be suitable for you. 

You’ll know when your body has finished it’s natural healing, as scars will turn white and stretchmarks will be silver toned. Your body can take up to 12 months to fully heal, depending on the trauma.  

You can book a consultation with me, even if you’re not quite ready for treatment. I can assess your scarring and discuss treatment plans with you.

Can you treat all scars with MCA Scar Treatment / Dry Needling?

Most scars can be treatment with Dry Needling, as long as your body has finished healing naturally. If your scars are still red or pink, then your body is still going through the healing process and I’m not able to treat them during that stage. 

Typically, scars on your body take 6-9 months to heal and those on your face take up to 1 year. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and unique to you, so it’s impossible to give an exact timescale. 

If you do have scarring that you’re conscious about and would like to cover up, prior to a treatment then please get in touch, as I stock a range of professional medical grade skin camouflage makeup that is waterproof.  

What can MCA Scar Treatment / Dry Needling do for me?

This treatment is fantastic for anyone that would like to improve the appearance and feel of a scars, burns and stretch marks. While there is no guarantee as to the exact results, most patients will notice a marked improvement after just one treatment. Typically a course of treatment is 5-6 treatments is required, around 5-6 weeks apart.

If you have burn scarring that you would like treated, then you will need a specialist, bespoke treatment plan.  Treating burn scarring is a specialist area and requires careful planning.  Please book in for a consultation or get in touch to have a chat about your treatment goals. 


What is MCA Scar Treatment / Dry Needling ?

Dry needling is carried out with the use of a specialist medical tattooing machine, using a dry needle technique (no pigment/colour used). The treatment consists of a needle that enters the surface layers of the skin, just enough to cause a minor trauma and stimulate blood flow to the area.

The process causes minute punctures, which create channels that trigger the body to produce collagen, melanin and elastin in order to fill the wounds – therefore promoting further healing.

While this isn’t a scar removal treatment (no such thing exists unfortunately), it can improve the look, feel, firmness and appearance of scars considerably.

The Personal Touch

During your consultation, we will discuss what results you’d like to achieve.  I’ll explain the treatment fully to you and answer any questions you have.  It’s important that you feel comfortable and at ease , prior to committing to any treatment. 

I’ll go through exactly what you can expect and talk to you about realistic outcomes of treatment.  I completely understand that you may like to go away and think about everything we have discussed, before committing to booking a treatment.  So you won’t experience any ‘hard selling’ from me.

Please book a consultation to find out how I can help you to look and feel amazing.  I look forward to meeting you, Nikki 


Are you ready to take the next step?

You are very welcome to come and see me for a free consultation. You can click on the BOOK NOW button above to book a consultation or treatment. Note that not all available slots are shown online so do reach out of you can’t see anything suitable. 

I look forward to meeting you. Nikki

"I found Nikki online. I was looking for help with scarring after a breast reduction / lift & tummy tuck, and from the moment of Nikki getting back in touch after my email, I felt confident I was finally going to get the help I needed. Nikki has been respectful at all times and I felt completely comfortable with her even under the sensitive circumstances. Treatments took place in a clean and very private room and was comfortable at all times, the results are great!! I feel MUCH happier & more confident now that the scarring has been drastically reduced, I am so glad I chose this course of treatments rather than scar revision. Nikki is a lovely friendly person, who has helped me feel better about myself, her advice along the way has been great. I would definitely recommend trying Nikki's treatment before any revision surgery."
MCA Dry Needling Scar Client
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