Luxury Gifts for Her

These luxury gifts for her make the perfect gifts, but also a very well deserved treat for you too! I will unashamedly tell you that I created my own treasure chest, complete with the gorgeous resin gift box.  The treasure chest is perfect to keep in my bathroom and keep all of my products neat and tidy. So basically, it’s a ‘necessity’! 

These are just some suggestions, you can create your own treasure chest, or if you’d prefer, purchase gifts in a cardboard presentation box, or gift back – all of which I have at the clinic. I’ve got some fancy tissue paper with rose gold flecks to make it all look beautiful and fancy.  You can also buy gift vouchers too – so if you have that ‘awkward’ someone that you’re just not sure what to get them, then a luxe gift voucher is the way forward.  

A list of all of my products are available below, so you can create your own special gift. 

Katherine Daniels Skincare

Katherine Daniels Skincare

It’s as easy as ‘1-2-3’ (although you can add a step 4). 

Katherine Daniels Skincare is all about repairing your skins natural barrier functioning, and boosting your skin health. It’s a myth that you need a truck load of products, as simple skincare routine that’s designed for your skin is golden, helping to repair, restore and nourish your skin for the long term. KDC make it really easy with the Step 1/2/3 system, add a Step 4 if you fancy a little luxury, these are your face and eye masks. 

Flexi-Skin London Skincare Tools

Flexi-Skin London

Cosmedix Advanced Skincare

Cosmedix are my advanced clinical skincare range, which I use with specific skincare programs. They have a very set up. You will start with a 21 day 4 piece skincare kit, before progressing onto other products. This helps to condition your skin for their unique product ranges.  I love them for treating skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and sun damage. 

Once you’ve completed your 21 day introductory kit, I can then order bespoke products for you and have them delivered directly to your door.  It’s that simple! 

glowing skin products

Delilah Makeup

delilah Cosmetics


Would you like to order products? Then please get in touch.

I can't thank Nikki enough for all her help, honesty and friendship. She truly cares about people's outcomes. When I went on holiday last year I sent her a snap of me out one evening in a strappy dress for the first time EVER. She was genuinely thrilled for me. Thank you Nikki, the work you do changes lives - it's changed mine!"
Burn scar client
microneedling aftercare

Microneedling Aftercare

Microneedling Aftercare Microneedling Aftercare is very straightforward and the downtime is minimal. It will depend whether you are having microneedling mesotherapy or microneedling collagen induction

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