Radiofrequency Ruined My Face

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

"Radiofrequency ruined my face" - is it true?

I am writing this blog on ‘radiofrequency ruined my face’, after being interviewed by a journalist this week, about the rise in young women having energy-based treatments like HIFU and radiofrequency

You may have already seen my BLOG and YouTube Video on the topic of ‘HIFU treatment gone wrong’, which is hands down my most read and watched blog and video on YouTube. 

Radiofrequency, Ultherapy, HIFU – they ALL heat the skin at depth, and it’s super important that you understand what the treatment is doing, and the risks involved.  These treatments are NOT suitable for everyone, and you absolutely need an experienced practitioner to know what and how to treat you, to avoid being in the camp of “radiofrequency ruined my face”.  

You've seen the results and you want in on the action!

Firstly, let me tell you that the before/after results that you most commonly see are NOT REAL! So many practitioners post pictures taken immediately before/after treatment. Sadly, it takes longer than 45 minutes to boost those collagen levels and achieve results! What you’re seeing in those pictures is post-inflammatory swelling, as a result of causing minor controlled trauma to the skin, because that’s exactly what’s happening – the skin is being traumatised, to trigger a wound healing response, which boosts collagen production in the process. 

Results come at around 3-6 months after your LAST treatment, in a course (and it is always a course) of treatment, depending on the treatment and your skin. 

Whether you are having radiofrequency microneedling, radiofrequency alone, HIFU, Ultherapy – or any other treatment that involves heating the skin, there are some things you absolutely need to know. When people claim “radiofrequency ruined my face”, it is usually because the skin has been over-treated, over heated, or they were never suitable for treatment in the first place! If you watch my video below, and my one on HIFU on YouTube, I explain it in much more detail. 

What you NEED to know about treatments like radiofrequency

Often, people think I’m a little crazy for posting video’s and information about the risks of treatments that I offer. I’ve had other practitioners ask “Why would you say that?”.  For me, I think it’s my responsibility and duty to share this information with you! 

It breaks my heart when I receive emails and messages from young women with claims that “radiofrequency ruined my face” and “HIFU has destroyed my face”. I believe that you SHOULD know about the risks, so you can make an informed decision, and also choose the right treatment and practitioners for you. 


The fact is, ALL treatments carry risk. Especially when you start to look at the bigger treatments that I’ve mentioned above. These treatments are amazing when carried out in the right way, for the right clients. 

I turn more people away for HIFU than I treat. Amazing, right? And I typically use it on selected areas of the face only, depending on what and who I’m treating. It was the same with radiofrequency facials when I used to offer those. Sub-30 years old are not typically suited to these treatments, as they are designed to treat mild to moderate skin laxity issues, that develop as a result of the natural ageing process

So, when I heard it was something that 20-somethings were currently having, my blood ran a little cold. In the same way that it does when I hear that a 20-year-old has Botox. I know others may disagree with my opinion, but I do not believe that these treatments are suitable for the time of our lives, when our collagen levels are in their prime – unless you have a reason for poor collagen/elasticity. 

How to avoid being in the
"radiofrequency ruined my face" camp

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be in the “radiofrequency ruined my face” camp, right? Thought not! 

My preferred treatment is radiofrequency microneeding, for energy-based treatments (plus you get a double whammy of microneedling collagen induction too!). The reason I love it so much, is I have so much control over the needle depth and energy levels, that I can adapt my treatments so precisely both for the client and each area of the face I am treating. Contrary to Morpheus8 parameters, I do NOT treat at the same depths, in order to avoid causing unwanted fat and volume loss. You do not need to be aggressive and treat at depth to get results. 

Here are some things you can do, to make sure you stay out of the “radiofrequency ruined my face” camp!

  • Read this BLOG on the ageing process, so you can understand the ageing process. It’s not just our skin that changes!
  • Look after your skin from the inside out and outside in, through nutrition, lifestyle (sleep and stress!) – and you’ll see great benefits to your skin.
  • Watch the YouTube videos that I’ve shared – they will give you a lot of insights. 
  • Not all treatments are suitable for everyone. Communicate your desired outcomes to your practitioner and understand what the risks are.

Please don't panic, it's not all bad!

I know I’ve just written a whole blog on “radiofrequency ruined my face” and we’ve looked at the risks of this, and other energy-based treatments like HIFU, Ultherapy, and RF Microneedling.

BUT, these treatments can be amazing when they are carried out correctly, and on the right clients. When we are treating ageing skin concerns, caused by declining collagen levels, reduced collagen quality, loss of elastin, and overall ageing changes, they can really help to improve the appearance and feel of the skin. But it’s important to understand that it’s not just our skin that changes during this time (it’s all HERE)

That said, treatments alone are never the answer. I always like to think that products and treatments are the icing and cherry on top of a very well-baked cake! There’s so much you can do for your skin quality, thought lifestyle, and nutrition. You’ll find a LOT of advice throughout my blogs and YouTube channel to help point you in the right direction. And, in case you haven’t heard, my brand new Skinblissology Skin School is launching in the Autumn too – where you’ll be able to take educational and informative courses, to help you get the best from your skin! If you receive my weekly newsletter, you’ll get the news first! You can subscribe via the Skin Quiz, or by downloading my Ultimate Skin & Scar Guides

"Radiofrequency ruined my face" - That's a wrap!

I really hope that you’ve found my blog on “Radiofrequency Ruined My Face” helpful. I always want you to be able to make an informed decision about the treatments that you’re having – so I will continue to share what many within the industry may prefer you don’t know!

If you’d like help with your skin or scars, then please get in touch via the button below. I currently have a waiting list, but you can join the list and we will be in touch when an appointment become available. 

My aesthetics clinic is based in Alton, Hampshire. I am on the Hampshire/Surrey border, 15 minutes from Basingstoke and Farnham. I’m also at the end of a direct line from London Waterloo, and a 5-minute walk from the station.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


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Radiofrequency Ruined My Face

“Radiofrequency ruined my face” – is it true? I am writing this blog on ‘radiofrequency ruined my face’, after being interviewed by a journalist this

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