7 Anti Ageing Mistakes Most People Make

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Do you know the 7 mistakes most people make?

Did you know that there are some common anti ageing mistakes, that most people make?  In the article, we’ll look at the top 7. And I’ll offer you some advice on what you can do, to make sure that you aren’t making any of these common mistakes, too! If you’d like to download my Ultimate Skin & Scar Guides, then click on the button below.


Anti Ageing Mistake No. 1

Of all the anti ageing mistakes – this one is the BIGGEST of them all!  SUNSCREEN! If you’re not using a sunscreen, there’s there’s literally no point in investing in medical grade skincare products. Watch my video to learn more. UVA rays are responsible for up to 90% of premature ageing, and you’re exposed to them 365 days a year. Your sunscreen is literally your BEST anti ageing product! 

Ideally choose a natural sunscreen, with ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, as it is kinder, and better for your skin. 

Mistake No.2 - Over Exfoliating

The second of our anti ageing mistakes is over exfoliating

Exfoliating your skin is important, but over exfoliating can break down your natural barrier function. This can lead to sensitive skin, increased damage from UV rays, loss of natural moisture, and breakouts/congenstion. It can also trigger rosace breakouts. When your barrie function is compromised, more bacteria and dirt can enter your skin, causing inflammation and irritation. 

Be mindful of how often you exfoliate. It’s not just scrubs that exfoliate, it’s also face masks, common skincare ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid. lactic acide and fruit enzymes. It is also your face cloths, flannels and towels.  

Switch to soft micro cloths, and use a clean one every day. Use a gentle exfoliation product once a week, if you are also using AHA/BHA’s products. Less is more.

Mistake N0.3 - Hot Water!

Third on our list of anti ageing mistakes is water temperature. Never wash your face with hot water. Wash you face in tempid water, and gently pat dry. 

I recommend washing your face separately from your shower or bath. This will avoid other products such as shampoo residue being left on your skin, but also the temperature that most people have a bath or shower is too hot for our faces. 

Cold water, on the other hand – is absolutely fine, if any of you are a fan of the Wim Hof method (I’ve not been brave enough for this yet!)

Anti Ageing Mistakes No.4 & 5

Our anti ageing mistakes 4&5 come as a package deal really. 

No.4: Using too many products/incorrect products.

No.5: Using products in the wrong order. 

One of the  most common anti ageing mistakes I see, is using too many products, and using products in the wrong order. As we start to see those pesky signs of ageing creep in, it can be tempting to add more products, to try and keep them at bay. But less, is often more. Using fewer, more targeted products will give you much better results. 

And using them in the right order is essential. Each product has different size molecules, so you apply them from the order of small to large, to ensure they are all absorbed by the skin. Always ask your skincare professional which order to use your products in. And if you’re interested in medical grade skincare, then click on the button to find out more. 

And in at Number 6....

The 6th of our anti ageing mistakes is that skincare and treatments are the best or only way to fight signs of ageing.  But that isn’t true! Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and responds to everything you put into it. 

Ensuring that you are looking after yourself from the inside, is vital for your skin health.  There are lots of foods that you choose that really help to boost your skin from within, helping to give you more youthful, and glowing skin from within. 

Download my Ultimate Skin Guide, and get lots of tips on how to look after your skin from within. 

Anti Ageing Mistake Number 7

In at number 7 in our anti ageing mistakes is our lifestyle. And this one, can wreak the most havoc of all! If you ignore your lifestyle, you might well be ignoring the biggest contributor to premature ageing – and that is STRESS! 

When we are stressed, we have elevated levels of cortisol in our bodies, and this means that our body goes into a fight or flight response, and focuses on keeping us safe.  And, we do not need lovely skin, hair or nails when we are in danger – at least that what our body naturally decides!

Reducing stress and making sure you are getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep a night, will ensure you skin has time to regenerate and pair, and that lovely healthy collagen and elastin is boosted. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason! 

If you’d like to learn more about the effects of stress, and how to manage it, then click on the button to read my article on this. 

7 Anti Ageing Mistakes Most People Make

I hope that you enjoyed reading about the most common anti ageing mistakes we make. 

If you would like help with achieve your best skin yet, I would love to welcome you to my aesthetics clinic in Alton, Hampshire. I am right on the Hampshire / Surrey border, and just 15 minutes from both Basingstoke and Farnham.  

If you’d interested in getting started with a fabulous bespoke medical grade skincare program, then you can also book a Zoom appointment for this service.

You can book your appointment via the button below. If there are no slots available, then please add yourself to the waiting list, or use the contact form.  I look forward to hearing from you. Nikki 


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