naturally fuller lips before and after

Natural Lip Fillers Before and After

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Natural Lip Fillers Before and After

Natural Lip Fillers Before and After

When it comes to my natural lip fillers before and after blog, I had to start with the good stuff – the photographs!  I think this treatment speaks for itself, but do you know what the BEST thing (well, apart from the results) is? That this is done without a needles. That’s right, this is ‘no needle’ filler.  

Perfect for you if you don’t like needles, or, well – pain! I’m a really wimp when it come to facing injections or needles (I know, the irony is not lost on me – given when I do for a living!).  So, no-needle filler had my eyes lighting up when I heard about it.   I went along as a model for a training school before I trained. I was so impressed with the results and so happy that it didn’t hurt, that training was a no-brainer decision for me. 

What's natural about these lip fillers?

I carry out my no-needle lip fillers with a hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in your skin, so is easily tolerated by your body and to date, no known side effects have been experienced.  This is why I use hyaluronic acid filler, to ensure that your treatment is carried out in a safe way, with the minimal risks. 

Natural lip fillers before and after pictures are impressive, I’m sure you’ll agree! They are perfect for you if you’d like a natural enhancement for your lips, without the more prominent ‘puffy’ look of something like the Russian Doll filler look. If you’re looking for a natural looking enhancement that gives what Mother Nature gave you a helping hand, then this treatment is most definitely for you. 

To learn more about the no-needle technique, click on ‘find out more’ below.

natural lip fillers before and after
How long to natural lip fillers last?

Hyaluronic acid natural lip fillers last between 6-12 months. This will depend on your skin type, lifestyle and whether you have one or two treatments.  These are all things that we will discuss at your consultation, so that you can consider whether this is the right treatment for you. 

I hope that my ‘Natural Lip Fillers Before and After’ blog has been helpful, and you can see the amazing results that can be achieved.  I’d love to be able to help you achieve the results that you desire, so please book in for a free consultation.   This treatment can also be carried out on the nasal labial folds (the lines from the nose the sides of your mouth), which is another fabulous antiaging treatment. 

If you  have any questions, then please get in touch.  Kindest regards, Nikki 


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