is there a treatment for scars

Is there a treatment for scars?

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Is there a treatment for scars?

Is there a treatment for scars? I know this questions comes up a lot in varying forms. How? Because before I trained as a Medical & Cosmetic Tattooist, it’s one I had tapped into Google many times over! 

Do you have scars that affect your confidence? Scars that you try and cover up? Or just scars that you frankly wish weren’t there!  I do, I have loads of them – let me count them, hang on (brief pause).  11, I’ve got 11 scars and two of them are significant.  One is a double scar on my forehead, from being hit by a car as a child (22 stitches worth of scar).  The other is a massive scar on my knee from 6 operations, including two major bone and cartilage grafts (failed, I might add – my running days are over!).  

So if you have scars on your face and/or body that affect your confidence, I get it.  I can totally empathise with you.  I spent years hiding the one on my forehead with a fringe. The one on my knee  didn’t see the light of day for years!  Imagine my joy when I trained as a Medical Tattooist and I discovered that there was a treatment that could improve the look and feel of scars! It’s not scar removal, just to be clear. Alas, no such thing exists.  I am now able to wear shorts and skirts without worrying what other people think though. What a relief!

Treatments for burns and scars, including acne scars

There are a couple of different treatments that are suitable for facial scars, including acne scars.  I’ve made a short video that you might find useful and I’ve also written an explanation below (in case you’re on the train and you haven’t mastered the art of lip reading!). 

If you watched the video then I hope you liked it.  If you didn’t get the chance, then I’ll explain the different scar treatment options below. 

ACNE SCARRING: Acne scarring on your face tends to be more superficial than injury or surgery scarring.  I always recommend treating you with the least amount of trauma possible, to achieve your desired result.  The Advanced Plump & Glow facial course of treatment is very effective at improving acne scarred skin.   This advanced collagen induction facial helps to trigger fresh collagen production in your skin, which evens our your skin texture and tone.  I’ve added a button below for you to click on so you can find out more. 

INJURY / SURGICAL SCARS: If you have deeper scars on your face or body then micro needling would be the best treatment option for you. This remains one of my favourite treatments, as it’s a constant reminder of how incredible the human body is! You may have heard this treatment referred to as dry tattooing, skin needling or collagen induction therapy. Micro needling breaks down your old scar tissue, whilst triggering your skins natural collagen, elastin and melanin production. The minor controlled trauma encourages your skin to heal slowly, which improves the look and feel of scar tissue.  The added bonus of increased melanin production helps your natural skin tone to return. 

BURN SCARS: Burn scars are often very fragile. If you have a burn scar that you would like treated, then I’d really recommend coming in for a consultation with me.  Your burn scar may appear to be thick and tight on the surface, but the skin tissue under the surface may be very fragile.  I often recommend a combination of both of the treatments I’ve mentioned above, in order to minimise any unnecessary trauma to your skin and to give you the best possible result. 

I hope you’ve  found this post helpful.  Scar reduction treatments can really help to improve your confidence and can give you the freedom to live your life, without worrying about people seeing obvious scars.   

As I said from the outset, this isn’t a scar removal treatment, as no such thing exists.  These treatments can really help to improve the look and feel of your scars – boosting your confidence in the process!  I remember feeling on top of the world the first time I wore a pair of shorts without worrying about everyone starring at my knee!  The only downside is that I can’t tell my elaborate ‘shark attack’ story that I used to wheel out when someone said ‘Oooh….nasty. How did you do that?’.  

If you have scarring that you’d like to discuss with me, then please get in touch.  At the time of writing, we are currently in COVID19 Lockdown. Consultations can be carried out over the phone, or via ZOOM (video), so pleaseget in touch.  

Kindest regards, Nikki 


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