How much do semi permanent eyebrows cost

How much do Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cost?

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

How much do Semi Permanent Eyebrows cost?

How much do Semi Permanent Eyebrows cost?  It can be confusing to work out what it’s going to cost you to get your new eyebrows.  Some Technicians charge per treatment, others have a two treatment package. And then there’s the colour boosts / top up appointments to consider too. 

Below you’ll find all the information that you need to know to answer the all important question – ‘How much DO Semi Permanent Eyebrows cost?’. 

The starting cost for Semi Permanent Eyebrow treatments is £295.00  This is for the ‘Barely There’ treatment, which is a one off treatment that gives the hint of an eyebrow.  It’s very subtle and perfect for you if you would just like to add a little definition.  ‘Barely There’ Semi Permanent Eyebrows last approximately 12 months, before requiring a colour boost (top up) treatment.  More on colour boosts below! 

My standard Semi Permanent Eyebrow treatment is £395.00.   This includes two treatments that take place 4-8 weeks apart. If you’re looking for  more definition than a ‘barely there’, then this treatment is for you.   These Semi Permanent Eyebrows last 12-18 months before you will need a  colour boost / top up. 

Cost of Semi Permanent Eyebrows. 

Well lets be real here, this is not a cheap and cheerful treatment. This is an investment and actually, a ‘buy back’ of your precious time!  Semi Permanent Eyebrows are a real time saver, you can kiss goodbye to spending ages in from of a mirror battling your wonky brows. 

I’m going to be straight up honest with you.  When I get asked ‘How much do Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cost?’ and I respond with £295.00 or £395.00, I have been faced with the occasional ‘Oh, that’s expensive’.   But are they expensive? Really? 

Let’s have a look first at what’s included in your Semi Permanent Eyebrow treatment, followed by  cost comparison with other eyebrow treatments. 

Are Semi Permanent Eyebrows Expensive?

Firstly, let me explain to you what’s included in your treatments.

For ‘Barely There’ brows you have 1 x 25 minute consultation and 1 x 2.5 hour appointment.  Total time 2hrs 55 minutes.

For standard Semi Permanent Eyebrows you have 1 x 25 minute consultation, 1 x 2.5 hour appointment and 1 x 1.5 hour appointment. Total time 4hrs 25 mins.

For each treatment, I also have to factor in:

Are Semi Permanent Eyebrows worth it? 

I think this is a question worth considering, alongside ‘How much do Semi Permanent Eyebrows cost?’. The initial investment may seem high, but lets look at what you may have been spending on regular brow tinting treatments over the course of 12-18 months. 

The majority of you have told me that you would have your eyebrows tinted approximately every 3-4 weeks.  That’s 13-17 treatments per year.  Lets take 15 as an average. The average cost locally (Alton, Hampshire) for HD Brows or the equivalent is £25.00.   So in one year, you could expect to spend £375.00. And that’s every year, but the way. 

If you have the infamous ‘tint and tidy’ treatment, then the average local cost is £18.00. That’s £275  a year

And then there’s your eyebrow pencils / eyebrow powders that you use between treatments.  Not to mention the time it takes battling with your brows to get something that resembles ‘sisters’.  

The average time for a colour boost on your Semi Permanent Eyebrows is every 12 – 18 months. A colour boost up to 12 months is £195.00 and for up to 18 months is £250.00.   

So ARE Semi Permanent Eyebrows worth it?!  Do I need to actually answer this…….the maths speaks for itself! They actually save you money and time.   In conclusion, Semi Permanent Eyebrows save you time AND money.  

Semi Permanent Eyebrows can save you TIME and MONEY.

Cost of Semi Permanent Eyebrows £395.00 and then £195 per year colour maintenance.

Average cost of HD Brows (or similar) per YEAR

Annual Cost of HD Brow Treatment (or equivalent) £375.00 per YEAR 'Tint & Tidy' £275.00 per year
semi permanent eyebrows

What happens if my Semi Permanent Eyebrows don’t take?

The majority of clients will only require 1-2 treatments. However, it’s not an exact science and occasionally an additional treatment is needed.  If you have very oily skin, alopecia or you don’t follow the aftercare (aftercare is key!), then you may need an additional treatment.   Additional treatments are charged as follows:

‘Barely There’ brows are £145.00 for a second treatment, if you are upgrading to a more defined eyebrow treatment. 

‘Barely There’ brows that require an additional treatment due to poor retention £100.00. 

Standard Semi Permanent Eyebrows that require a third treatment are charged at £100.00.

Will my Semi Permanent Eyebrows fade? 

Yes, they will fade out over time and they will require a colour refresh / colour boost.  Typically this is every 12-18 months, although some clients will go much longer than this. Occasionally a client may need a colour boost before 12 months, but this is usually down to skin type and lifestyle. This is something that is discussed at your Consultation (in person or over the phone).  

Colour boost treatments only apply to my original work and are charged at £195.00 up to 12 months and £250.00 from 12-18 months. 

If you would like to find out more about how Semi Permanent Eyebrows can help you, then please get in touch. You can find out more about the treatment by clicking the ‘find out more’ button, or click ‘get in touch’ to contact me.

At the time of writing, the UK is currently in Coronavirus Lockdown, so it’s not possible to book online with me. If you are reading this post on the other side of Coronavirus Lockdown, then you can book in via the online booking system by using the ‘BOOK NOW’ button at the top of every page on my website. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards, Nikki


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