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How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

How much does Scalp Micropigmentation cost?

How much does Scalp Micropigmentation cost?  ‘It varies’ is really not a  helpful answer for you is it!

And rather than just say  ‘it varies’ or ‘price on assessment’ (POA), I wanted to explain to you the differing treatment costs for Scalp Micropigmentation. 

The starting cost for all Scalp Micropigmentation treatments are  £250.00 per session.  This would be for a small  scar on your scalp.   Typically you will need 2-3 sessions spaced 14-21 days apart.  You may need a 4th treatment, but this is usually only if you either don’t follow the aftercare, or you have particularly oily skin. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Density Treatments.   This would be for both men and women,  if you would like to have the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.  These treatments are typically 2-3.5 hour sessions and each session is between £400 – £700. 

You will need 2-4 sessions to achieve your desired result. 

The cost of Scalp Micropigmentation  for ‘buzz cut’ / shaved head style for men and women. 

This is where you have male or female pattern baldness or have alopecia and would like a full shaved head look.

These treatments are typically 2.5-3.5 hour sessions and each session is between £500 – £700. 

You will need 2-4 sessions to achieve the desired result. 

There are two different hair loss scales that I use to determine the duration and cost of your sessions. These are the Norwood Scale for men and the Ludwig Scale for women. These are industry wide scales used for hair loss, although prices will vary depending on practitioner experience and location. 

Why do the costs of treatment vary so much?

The reason that the cost of Scalp Micropigmentation varies so much is down to the time it takes to carry out your treatment.  

The factors that affect this are the size of the area you’d like treated, your existing hair density, your desired outcome and the area to be treated.  I need to assess all of this before being able to give you an exact price and treatment plan. 

Treating scar tissue can also present it’s own challenges, as scar tissue can either grab or reject pigment. This means that you may require less, or more sessions.  

Why is £250.00 the minimum charge?

The reason the minimum charge for Scalp Micropigmentation is £250.00 per treatment, is because there are basic treatment costs attached to every treatment, including time, consumables and costs. Aside from time and additional ink, the basic costs of carrying out a treatment are approximately the same, whether your treatment is 1 hour or 4 hours.   Even for the smallest of scars, I still need to allow time in Clinic for you to fill out forms, to go through the aftercare fully and for the treatment to be carried out.

How many sessions of Scalp Micropigmentation will I need?

The number of sessions of Scalp Micropigmentation you will need will depend on a few factors. 

Factors such as the size of the area being treated, your existing hair density and your desired result play a big part.  Your skin type also plays a part, for example oily skin and alopecia can mean that you will need an additional session.  Aftercare is also key! If you don’t follow the aftercare then you will experience poor retention / results

I always recommend planning for 4 sessions. I would much rather you did that than plan for 3 and then the additional treatment is an unexpected shock. 

How do you carry out an assessment? 

I can assess the area you’d like treated either in person at a Consultation. Alternatively,  you can send me photographs for assessment.  I do recommend coming in to see me if you can, as this gives me the opportunity to assess your skin type and condition of your scalp. 

Once I’ve assessed the area you’d like treated,  I will be able to confirm the price of each session to you, together with the duration of each appointment. This will be the fixed price for each session that you come to.

In some cases, the final session is cheaper than the earlier treatments, as less work may need to be carried out. This will depend on your treatment plan, retention from earlier treatments and ultimately, your aftercare. 

I hope that gives you a bit more of an understanding in terms of why it’s not possible to have an exact price list for Scalp Micropigmentation.  Essentially, the cost of the treatment depends on the many factors I’ve mentioned.

If you would like to find out more about how Scalp Micropigmentation can help you, then please get in touch.  You can find out more about the treatment by clicking the ‘find out more’ button, or click ‘get in touch’ to contact me.

At the time of writing, the UK is currently in Coronavirus Lockdown, so it’s not possible to book online with me.  If you are reading this post on the other side of Coronavirus Lockdown, then you can book in via the online booking system by using the ‘BOOK NOW’ button at the top of every page on my website.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Kindest regards, Nikki


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