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If I have Semi Permanent Eyebrows will they fade?

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

If I have Semi Permanent Eyebrows will they fade?

‘If I have Semi Permanent Eyebrows will they fade?’ is a very common question I am asked.

In fact, it’s probably up there in the top 3 questions I’m asked.  I think that comes from the confusion of the interchangeable terms ‘permanent eyebrows’ and ‘semi permanent eyebrows’.

Within the micropigmentation world (there’s another phrase for you!), you’ll hear them referred to as semi permanent eyebrows and permanent eyebrows.  Both are correct in some ways.  Semi Permanent because, yes, the colour does fade out over time (I’ll come on to that in a moment). They are also referred to as permanent eyebrows because, whilst they will fade, you are likely to be left with some pigment in your skin long term/permanently, although it would fade or change colour as time passes

Semi Permanent Eyebrows or Permanent Eyebrows?

So are they Semi Permanent Eyebrows or Permanent Eyebrows? Which is it!?

It’s confusing isn’t it! The reason they’re technically semi permanent eyebrows is because the pigment will fade over time. You will need to have colour boost appointments to keep your colour fresh, these are typically every 12-18 months, although some clients will go much longer than this.

In my opinion, it’s actually really important that the pigments are semi permanent and fade out.  Your skin tone, skin elasticity and your hair colour will all change as you mature. If you have gorgeous warm ‘fashion’ eyebrows in your 30’s then, whilst they look great in your 30s, they are unlikely to suit you in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.   I am all about ‘future proofing’ my treatments, which means I consider what your eyebrows will look like in the long term, not just the short term. I want to make sure we can adapt your brows to suit you over the years. 

So in the semi / permanent makeup world we use  semi permanent pigments, rather than the traditional inks that tattoo artists use. Semi permanent pigments are implanted around about one and a half millimetres below the surface layer of your skin, and the pigments adapt with your natural skin tone.  Some people have warm skin some people have cool skin, typically as we mature our skin cools.  That’s why colour selection is very important, so for example if I put in neutral colour pigment into your skin and you have very warm skin tones, you will warm that pigment up.  If you have very cool skin, then that neutral pigment will look much cooler. This is because the pigment sits underneath the top layers or your skin and your skin acts like a filter, causing it to look warmer or cooler. 

If I have Semi Permanent Eyebrows will they fade completely? I am always very careful when answering this question.  The answer to this is NO.

If you’re considering Semi Permanent Eyebrows then you should consider them permanent, although the colour will need to be refreshed / boosted approximately every 12-18 months.

What happens if I don’t have a colour boost every 12-18 months?

If you don’t have a colour boost then your Semi Permanent Eyebrows will fade out but you are likely to have some pigment left in your skin permanently.   As part of the fading process, you can expect them to lighten in colour and change colour.  Every pigment has a base colour to it, which is what will give the pigment it’s tone.   Think back to when you did colour theory in art class at school – what colours make brown? As an example, warmer pigments will have a red or orange base, so you could expect these colours to fade out with a warmer hue.

At your colour boost appointments I will assess your remaining pigment and also your skin  / hair. We will then discuss whether we will use the original coloured pigments, or whether it’s appropriate to adjust the colour.  An example of this is if your hair is going grey/silver. When your hair starts to turn grey/silver, your skin tone will cool too.   If this is the case then I can adapt the colour of your brow pigment for you.   See how important the semi permanent pigment is now!

Semi Permanent Eyebrows are perfect for you if you’d like to have great eyebrows that stay put. They are a real time saver and will give you the confidence to go out without worrying about your brows.  Semi Permanent Eyebrows are a commitment though and you will need to maintain them over the years.  Trust me, they are worth it! Far less maintenance than you drawing them on daily, with no worrying about wonky brows or smudged makeup. Once you have your new Semi Permanent Eyebrows, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have them done earlier!

If you have any questions then please let me know.  You can click on ‘find out more’ to go to the treatment page or you can get in touch to book a consultation.   I look forward to hearing from you. Nikki 


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