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How can I have fuller lips with no injections?

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

How can I have fuller lips with no injections?

Do you ever wonder ‘how can I have fuller lips with no injections?’ Have you thought it, or even typed it into Google, hoping for some advice on how to create fuller looking lips?    Perhaps, like me, you’ve tried different products or glosses that claim to plump your lips, but you’ve been left with disappointing short term results.

CAN I have fuller lips with no injections?

The answer is YES!  You can have fuller lips with no injections! I bet this is a relief to you? Are you amongst the many that are avoiding traditional injection fillers because you’re afraid that they will hurt? (needles do hurt by the way, very much!) Or perhaps you are worried you’ll end up with the infamous ‘trout pout’?

I love that I am able to offer you the Hyalruon filler treatment,  which will give you fuller lips, without injections.

How does No Needle Filler work?

‘How does No Needle Filler work with no injections?’, I hear you ask.   The product I use is something called Hyalax Lite, which is also used in traditional fillers. This is a hyaluronic acid filler and the reason I use this is because hyaluronic acid is naturally present in your skin, making it the safest option to use.  There are no reported allergic reactions to the product, as it is a naturally occurring substance in the skin.

No Needle Filler involves using a jet injector pen, which is similar to the type of device that is be used for some diabetics for administering insulin. There is a tiny hole in the end of an ampule, which is inserted into the Hyaluron Pen device and the hyaluronic acid is pushed (through the force of the jet injector) into your lips, create a fullness. The hyaluronic acid filler is then dispersed into your lips in a very precise and controlled way, as I am able to control the placement of your filler.

You may see that you can buy these pens online as a consumer, please, please, please do not do this, this is not a treatment that you should be doing yourself for many reasons. Your safety and your end result is based on the product placement and so therefore the skill of your technician (me) is paramount!

We will  look at your lips together and discuss what you’d like to achieve from the treatment. We will discuss whether you’d like to create more fullness in the entire lip, or whether you’d like to focus on balancing symmetry (often both). No Needle Filler is perfect for addressing symmetry  and will give you  fuller looking lips that look beautifully natural.

What can I expect from my No Needle Filler treatment?

Now that I’ve answered ‘How can I have fuller lips with no injections?’  – lets talk about the detail.

If you’d like a very subtle enhancement, then one session may be all you need.  If you’d like a little more fullness then you may opt to have a second treatment 2-3 weeks later.  If you have one treatment then you can expect the results to last 4-6 months and with two treatments, results can last 6-9 months.

I’d recommend half a ml of of hyaluronic acid filler into the lips at your first treatment, the same for the lines around the mouth and nose, if you are having both areas treatment.   That may be enough for you, particularly if you’re a mature client and you just want a subtle enhancement.  If you’d like slightly fuller looking lips, then I would suggest you come back for a second treatment two to three weeks later. At your second appointment, we will review the results from the first and discuss where how to create the look you desire.

Do No Needle Fillers hurt?

Honestly – no. I refer to this treatment as being ‘virtually pain free’.  I say ‘virtually’ because we are all different and our view on what is painful varies wildly.  At worst, you may have a second of minor discomfort, although most clients don’t feel anything.  The only thing you need to prepare for is the first shot, as it can make you jump slightly – the joy of the unexpected! After that you’ll be as cool as a cucumber. 

How long do No Needle Fillers last?

No Needle Fillers typically last between 4-6 months with one treatment and 6-9 months if you have a second treatment 2-3 weeks after the first.

There are a number of factors that affect how long this treatment lasts. I will talk through everything with you at a consultation, or at your first treatment.  Many factors influence timescales, including your lifestyle, your skin type and your age (to name a few).  If you do have any questions, then please let me know. You can book in for a consultation, which we can do over the telephone or on Zoom (video) whilst we are in LOCKDOWN. It’s the perfect time to ask me any questions you may have about this, and any other treatment I offer. After LOCKDOWN, you’ll be able to book in online for a Consultation, or the treatment. This treatment doesn’t require a patch test, as the product I use is something that is naturally present in your skin.

I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and well, Nikki x


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