best anti ageing product

Best Anti Ageing Product

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Best Anti Ageing Product – is there such a thing?

I’m always being asked ‘what’s the best anti ageing product?‘ And the truth is that there isn’t one product that is perfect for everyone.

If you have been on a quest to find the best anti ageing product, then you’ve probably spent quite a lot of time and money trying different things. Am I right?! I’ve been tempted by so many adverts and marketing campaigns over the years, it’s crazy.  You too? I totally get it!

The reason you haven’t been able to get your hands on a little bottle of anti ageing magic is because it simply doesn’t exist.  I’m so sorry you had to hear it from me!   If there was one product then someone, somewhere would be mighty rich right now.

Firstly, your skin is unique to you. It’s as unique as your personality, your quirks and your perfect imperfections (you know the ones).  So it would be weird if there was one product that worked for everyone wouldn’t it. It would be like saying that we all have the same favourite meal or the same shoe size.  Just plain weird.

So you need to have your own skincare products and treatments that support your skin. This will differ through the month (do you get breakouts at your time of the month, for example?), the time of year and your skin will change as you mature too.  Lots of changes for your skin, it’s no wonder there isn’t one product I can recommend for you!

BUT, and there is a rather delightful ‘BUT’, there is one product that I believe has anti ageing benefits for all skin types. And this little wonder product is Rosehip Oil. Watch my brief video to see why I love it, or you can read my more in depth blog post by clicking HERE.

I’d love to hear what you think, if you decide to give it a go.  You can either comment on the post or send me a direct message.

Nikki x



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