Scalp Tattoo Transformation

scalp tattoo transformation

Scalp Tattoo Transformation

When I look at this scalp tattoo transformation, it’s a reminder of how LUCKY I am that I get to do this for a living!






Every client is different, so we always work together to manage the treatment plan suits you.  For this lovely gentleman, I couldn’t get him to ‘brave the shave’ until the 3rd treatment! I’d always advise doing this at the 1st treatment, but for some clients – that’s just a step too far! So, whilst there is an ‘ideal’ or textbook way of doing things, there’s (nearly) always a way round it.   This client will need a 4th treatment to complete the blending, but we were both very happy with the results from this scalp transformation.

Scalp Tattooing

A scalp tattoo transformation is one of the most rewarding treatments I offer.  The difference that this can make to someone’s life is staggering.  For both men and women, hair loss can be very upsetting and traumatic, having an impact on area’s of your life that you can only imagine.

I have treated clients that have gone to great lengths to conceal their hair loss, or avoided certain situations altogether.  So many clients have avoided going swimming, particularly if they have previously worn hair systems or hats to help conceal their hair loss. For ladies that have thinning hair or female pattern baldness, I’ve had clients that have avoided going out when it’s windy (not that easy living in Blighty!) and one lovely lady had actually given up golf altogether, as spent most of her time worrying about her hair.

What is a scalp tattoo?

A scalp tattoo is basically made up of thousands of micro dots, that replicate your natural hair follicle pattern. That’s why it looks so natural and is an excellent long term solution to disguise hair loss for both male and female clients.  Click HERE to read more on scalp micropigmentation.

If you are interested in this treatment then please get in touch. I offer a FREE consultation from a private clinic in Alton, Hampshire.

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