The Secret to Glowing Skin

The Secret to Glowing Skin

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

The Secret to Glowing Skin

Would you like to know the secret to glowing skin?  Of course you would!

Have a look at my lovely clients before and after photo, after a dermaplaning treatment. It’s just beautiful and glowing!

The Secret to Glowing Skin
The Secret to Glowing Skin

My client has had psoriasis for over 50 years and, although she has never had it on her face, always felt that her skin never really looked glowing and plump.  She was absolutely over the moon once she saw her results from her dermaplaning treatment – and I think we can all see why!

Why is Dermaplaning the Secret to Glowing Skin?

Well – if I’m being TRULY honest, the ultimate in glowing skin is really when dermaplaning is combined with my skin rejuvenation meso treatment , but dermaplaning is a good place to start for any skincare routine!

The reason why it’s the secret to glowing skin is because it removes the dead skin cells and ‘peach fuzz’ hairs from the face, so that what you are left with is fresh, GLOWING skin! You’re seeing your skin in all of its fresh glory, rather than through a filter of dead skin and fuzz (sounds horrible when I put it like that doesn’t it!).

What happens at the treatment?

In order to create this gorgeous glowing skin, you are treated to a double deep cleanse of the skin – to make sure it’s extra clean for the treatment.  Then I remove the dead skin cells and hair with a specialist blade, that skims the surface of the skin.  It’s PAIN FREE and lots of clients have said it’s actually a really nice sensation.  You feel like your skin is super clear and clean.  Think of it as the ULTIMATE exfoliation.

After this, I applied a gorgeous pineapple and papaya enzyme peel (smells devine) and finally, a generous application of moisturiser and OF COURSE, spf50 sun screen.

After the treatment…..

First things first, NO – you will NOT grow a beard!  This is one of the biggest misconceptions about dermaplaning!  The hair that is being removed from your face is different to that on your head.  It’s called vellus hair and they are fine and light, like peach fuzz.  They will grow back, but only as they were before  – so unless you had a beard before your treatment, you won’t have one afterwards!

You’ll be given aftercare at your treatment, but downtime is minimal and you can carry on with your normal activities after 24-48 hours.

How often should I have a treatment?

This treatment can be carried out every 3-6 weeks. Every client is different, but the majority like to treat their skin once a month.  Many of my clients combine dermaplaning with the Skin Rejuvenation Meso treatment and you can also add a collagen mask and LED Light Therapy for the ultimate in anti-ageing skin facials.   Click HERE for information on the packages available.

So, I’ve shared my secret to glowing skin! If you’d like any further information then please get in touch x


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