Anti-Ageing Skin Facial

Anti-Ageing Skin Facial Treatment

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Anti-Ageing Skin Facial Treatment – what’s it all about?

As you may have gathered by now, I am very passionate about my Meso Digital Skin Needling treatment – which is the ULTIMATE in skin rejuvenation!

You will probably have read about the different treatment options for my Anti-Ageing Skin Facial treatment, referring to a plastic needle or a metal needle? I am aware that it might be a little confusing (and scary) when you think about needles on your face!  Let me firstly assure you that there is NOTHING to be afraid of or concerned about.

The ‘needles’ that I use in the treatment aren’t your traditional needles that you will find at your doctors, so please don’t worry about that.  They are specifically designed for this treatment and only go a maximum of 0.5mm into the skin.

I’ve created this little videoing Facebook to explain the difference needles choices and what they are suitable for. I hope you find this helpful. There is also further information below that will help you too.

If you don’t have time to watch the video (it’s really not very long), then I’ll briefly explain the options here, including what each needles is suitable for.

Plastic needle:  This needles is perfect for treating fine lines and wrinkles, including those around the eyes.  So if your target area is your laughter lines or ‘crows feet’, then this is the needles choice for you.

Metal needle:  This is a slightly more intense treatment and is designed to target deeper lines and wrinkles, including smokers lines, deeper wrinkles in the face and acne scarring.  This needle is NOT suitable to treat fine lines around the eyes.

So what if you want to focus on deep lines and wrinkles AND fine lines around the eyes?? Well you have two options;

1: You can have both needles incorporated into the treatment at an additional cost of £30.00; or

2: You can alternate your treatments, so you can have one treatment with a plastic needle and the next one with a metal needle.

You could also incorporate Dermaplaning into your treatment, which makes the needling even MORE effective.

There are lots of options for skin rejuvenation treatments.  Click HERE for information on the treatment options available and HERE for a quick look at the pricing.

Don’t forget you can also book ONLINE now, but clicking on the BOOK NOW button on the website or from my facebook page.

Any questions then please just ask! I am more than a little geeky about skin rejuvenation, so happy to answer any questions.


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