Rejuvenated Collagen Shots

Rejuvenated Collagen Shots

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Rejuvenated Collagen Shots – My ‘MUST HAVE’ supplement!

Collagen supplements have been all over the media in the last few years, from tablets to drinks – there’s an array of products available and it’s difficult to know what’s what!

I entered into the world of collagen supplements as a consumer. I was overwhelmed by the number of different products out there and even more so by the bold claims that the marketeers were making. It was so confusing and I must have spent over 6 weeks researching different products available.

So why was I interested in taking collagen supplements?

I was due to have surgery when I was 40 (I’m nearly 44 at the point of writing) and I wanted to give my body the best possible chance of healing well.  I have a background in nutrition, so I’ve always believed in treating myself ‘outside in and inside out’.   It’s all very well putting fancy creams ON your skin, but if you don’t look after yourself on the inside, the results aren’t going to be great.

Did you know that you natural collagen levels decline from between the age of 23-26? At a rate of around 1% per year – how crazy is that!  I was 40 and well aware that my collagen levels had declined by a fair amount at this point, so I wanted to take a supplement to boost my levels.  I started by doing a lot of research into how collagen is absorbed by the body and the most effective ways of taking it – ie. tablet v drink v powder.   I very quickly became aware that you need to have high quality collagen that can easily be absorbed by the body through the stomach.  The drinks I researched were full of sweeteners and additives and the tablets, well, my body was going to have to do a fair bit if work to break them down!

I came across Rejuvenated Collagen Shots on my research journey and they became my benchmark when reviewing other products – I just kept coming back to them.  I loved the quality of their products and the ethos of their company. Their values and marketing is based more in fact that sensationalism and that felt real and honest to me.   Rejuvenated Collagen Shots is a powder that you mix with water until it becomes a beautiful clear pink drink.  You take it on an empty stomach, so it can be absorbed by the body and work it’s magic….and yes, it’s magic!

Magic you say? Tell me more about this ‘MAGIC’….

After much deliberation, I placed my order for the Collagen Shots, I ordered 3 months supply and started taking them around 6 weeks before my surgery.

I had zero expectations at the start, because for me it was all about post surgery healing.  So I was STUNNED when my chronic dry eye syndrome completely vanished after 2 weeks.  I mean, this was a condition that meant I would wake up in the night with my eyelids literally stuck to my eyeballs.  It was painful and my eyes were constantly sore. I haven’t had dry eye syndrome in nearly 3 years now!  What a bonus.

The next thing I noticed after about 4 weeks was that my skin looked ‘juicier’ – it was plumper and had more of a glow. The whites of my eyes were brighter too and people started to tell me I looked really well, or ask me if I’d switched makeup brand (I hadn’t).  It wasn’t just my face, it was my body too.   I used to get stress eczema on my eyelids and backs of my hands and my elbows were always a little dry – all of that went and has never returned.  I was so stunned at what I was seeing and the thing was, I wasn’t looking for changes to my skin that were visible – as taking a collagen supplement was all about preparing my body to heal after surgery.

Then came the surgery……

Rejuvenated Collagen Shots – my post surgery experience

This was the bit I was MOST interested in!  I’d been taking the supplements for around 6 weeks before my operation and I had definitely seen an improvement in my skin.   I’ve had a lot of operations, somewhere around the 13 mark (I’m accident prone and unlucky), so I was used to seeing how my body healed.  I have some fairly significant scarring on my knee after 6 operations – so I had a ‘normal’ benchmark for me.

The Collagen Shots came into their own for me here.  I had my surgery in the October and after 6 months you could BARELY see my scars. They had healed beautifully, were flat, very faint and none of the tight thick tissue I’d experienced with other procedures.   Over 3 years on you’d be hard pushed to see my scars if I showed you.  In fact I showed a client one of my scars just this week and she couldn’t actually see it.

I have taken this supplement ever since! I dip in and out with Rejuvenated’s H30 Night Repair and Skin Complex too, but this is the ONE products I never go without and the ONE products I tell everyone about.

How I ended up being a stockist for Rejuvenated

I was SO super impressed with the results that I had, that I wrote to Rejuvenated to tell them about my experience and how delighted I was.   I also went on to tell them about the work I do and that I thought the Collagen Shots would be really beneficial to my clients, as I treat a lot of people that have significant scarring.  I asked if they would consider letting me be a stockist.    I didn’t think for one minute that they would, but if you don’t ask you don’t get, right?

I nearly fell off my chair when the lovely Kathryn Danzey, Founder of Rejuvenated emailed me back herself, saying she would be delighted for me to stock their products! I went on to have many communications with Kathryn and what struck me from the outset was her passion for her products and her authenticity.  Rejuvenated products do what they say they will – there are no false claims and glitzy marketing, it’s all soft, real and honest.  This is something that I really value in a brand and, what’s more, it’s a British Brand – which I love to support.

I’m sold – where can I get my hands on Rejuvenated Collagen Shots?

I stock the Collagen Shots and H30 Night Repair supplements in my clinic in Alton, Hampshire.  You can pick them up at an appointment, or order from me to come and collect. Just drop me an email or give me a call.  The Collagen Shots come in pouches of 30 servings, or a box of 24 single serving sachets – handy for when you’re travelling. The H30 Night Repair come in boxes of 30 and are tablet form – another wonderful product and a great partner to the Collagen Shots.

The Collagen Shots are also included in my Skinblissology bespoke transformation programs, which also include a series of collagen stimulating facials and Cell Biologique Skincare products. By buying the packages, you are getting your facials at a reduced rate – so it’s worth looking at these great deals!

You can also buy Rejuvenated products online , they have some really amazing products to choose from and keep an eye out for new ones that pop up!  Visit

If you have any questions then please get in touch.

Nikki x


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