Permanent Eyebrows Correction

Permanent Eyebrow Correction

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Permanent eyebrow correction can be complex to say the least!

The first thing I will say about any correction work, is that I won’t take it on unless I am absolutely sure that I can achieve a result that both myself and my client will be happy with.

The challenge with permanent eyebrow correction is that you’re not starting with a blank canvas, which means that sometimes we have to make compromises with the end result.  I have between 2-5 enquiries a month for permanent makeup correction – usually for eyebrows.  I will ALWAYS want to see you for a consultation first, so I can carry out a full assessment.

For the majority of cases, I would recommend removal or lightening of the existing pigment.  Typically I see ladies that have eyebrows that are heavily saturated with pigment from previous treatments. It’s important to remove some or all of the pigment, as tattooing over a build up of pigment will never produce a good result.

As you can see from my client here, she was left with uneven red eyebrows after having her brows microbladed previously. What isn’t so clear from the pictures is that there was also scar tissue in the brows from the microblading (this is a common issue with microblading).

We had a very frank discussion about what I could and couldn’t achieve, based on the pigment that was left in the skin and the pockets of scar tissue. My client didn’t want to have the existing pigment removed, so I explained to her that I would have to incorporate the existing tattooing into her new brows.  I will be honest and say that I was concerned that they would be too thick for her – so I drew them on at the start of the consultation, so I could stare at them for 20 minutes and see if I was happy with tattooing them!  I was.

Fortunately, my client was very realistic and pragmatic about what we could achieve.   I made her wait until I had finished before showing her the end result – and I think you can see from her smile that she was over the moon with her new eyebrows.

Permanent eyebrow correction is complex, so if you are considering this then please find an experienced Technician and go and see them for a consultation.  It is ONLY at a consultation that we, as Technicians, can truly assess your skin and make recommendations for treatment.

Permanent Eyebrows Correction
Permanent Eyebrows Correction
Permanent Eyebrows Correction
Permanent Eyebrows Correction
Permanent Eyebrows Correction
Permanent Eyebrows Correction



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