Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup – Time Saving Brows

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Permanent Makeup – Time saving brows – they do exactly what they say!

How many times have you tried to draw your brows on in the morning and become frustrated that they never quite look right? Is that you? It was definitely me before tattooing!

OK, so I will apologise in advance, as some of this may be hard to hear…..

Did you know that none of us have a symmetrical face? It’s true.  We all (well, 98% of us) have one eye bigger that the other, a round and flat side to our heads, crooked noses and wonky ears.  If you meet me I’ll point out that I have one eye bigger than the other, just so I can demonstrate this very fact – I might even show you my VERY wonky ears! Sorry in advance….

The reason that this is relevant is because it’s near on impossible for you to get your brows looking even, taking into account all of the above.  This is something we discuss and analyse in great detail at your appointment, because all of this is super relevant to designing brows for you.

On top of that, most people pull the equivalent of ‘mascara face’ ( you all know what I mean by this!) when drawing our brows on.  When drawing on our brows, most of use look in the mirror and raise our eyebrows. We draw them on like this then sit back and relax our faces…… sound familiar? Then when you look in the mirror…..WONKY!  You’re not alone in this, we ALL do it.

Permanent eyebrows are the perfect solution to this. Imagine waking up in the morning with beautiful brows, without the need to do battle with the brow powder in the morning – BLISS!

My gorgeous client in this picture was doing all of the above.  So her lovely husband treated her to permanent eyebrows for Christmas.  Her daughter hilariously drew eyebrows on the reindeer on the Christmas card as a clue – genius.   My client had also text me just before Christmas saying she was hoping to be able to book in with me early in the new year, she had no idea that her husband had arranged everything for her!

If you’d like to know how this treatment could benefit you, then please get in touch or book a FREE consultation.  Gift vouchers are also available if you’d like to surprise someone too.

Permanent Makeup - Time Saving Brows
Permanent Makeup – Time Saving Brows


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