Male Breast Cancer signs

Male Breast Cancer Signs

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Do you know the signs and symptoms of male breast cancer?  Breast cancer isn’t just something that women are diagnosed with, men can have breast cancer too.

Unfortunately, male breast cancer is still a relatively taboo subject. We hear so much about female breast cancer, I think many people don’t stop to think that this is a disease that can affect men too.  I gave a talk a few months back and there were some that didn’t even know that men could get this disease.  It’s so important for men to know the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer as, like all cancers, the earlier it is detected, the better the long term prognosis.

I previously posted Bret’s story in an earlier blog. He gives a very powerful account of his breast cancer journey.  PLEASE take the time to read and share his story.

I’ve attached a picture to my post showing male breast cancer signs and symptoms. The NHS also have a lot of information, please click on this link if you’d like to know more

Please take the time to read through the information and to share it with all the wonderful men in your life.  This really could help to save someone’s life.  The more we talk about these difficult subjects and raise awareness, the better!  Cancer is THE cruellest disease and it doesn’t care who it affects, so lets do all we can to protect our loved ones from having to fight cancer. Early detection and treatment is key.

And if you do happen to know a wonderful man that is going through cancer treatment (it doesn’t have to male breast cancer) then please tell them about Look Good Feel Better cancer charity, as they offer some amazing FREE support workshops for men, as well as the women’s workshops we run.  Click on the link for further information 



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