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Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Scalp Micropigmentation is a fantastic long term hair loss solution.

This treatment continues to blow my mind every time I carry it out. Hair loss is something that affects both men and women and it can cause a great deal of anxiety.

Hair loss treatments can be unpredictable and many have long term consequences and side effects.  There are many topical treatments and supplements, all with variable results and side effects.  Hair transplants are also an option, although there are many things to seriously consider before choosing this as an option.

The reason I love scalp micropigmenation is that it’s a low maintenance long term hair loss solution.  It involves tattooing thousands of micro dots onto the scalp, replicating the natural follicle pattern.  The result of this is the illusion of thick full hair.  There is very minimal downtime, most clients just return to work immediately – the only thing to consider is that you need to keep the area dry for 7 days after your treatment ( so I’d avoid any glamorous nights out or important work meetings in the first 7 days!).

My client came to me for a series of density treatments to help disguise his hair loss at the crown. He was conscious that his hair was thinning and his scalp was visible at the crown.  We spoke about what he’d like to achieve with the treatment and agreed that a subtle enhancement was best, as my clients hair lightened considerably in the sunshine.

Scalp micropigmentation has traditionally been showcased for the shaved head look (also known as a buzz cut). It is however, a brilliant hair loss solution for thinning hair.  I carry this treatment out for both men and women to conceal hair loss.  If you’d like to know more about this treatment then please click HERE.

Both my client and I were delighted with these results – this was 3 treatments, all of around 3 hours each. I think we can agree that this has made quite a difference!

If you’d like to know more about how this treatment can help you, then please get in touch and book a FREE consultation.



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