Chrysalis by Nikki Butler

Chrysalis by Nikki Butler – The Re-Brand

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

Chrysalis by Nikki Butler

I thought it might be a nice idea to share how Chrysalis by Nikki Butler – The Re-Brand came about.

I have been a Medical & Cosmetic Tattooist for a few years now. I had a successful website, which was slick and well, conformist! What do I mean by that? Well, if you look at others in my industry, we all somehow look and sound the same….funny how that happens. There becomes a format – a way of doing things.

I love what I do, I truly do.  Over the years I’ve become really aware that it isn’t about the ‘WHAT’, it’s about the ‘WHY’.  That ‘WHY’ is super important, because that’s the reason you come to see me.  The treatment isn’t relevant in some respects, it’s about whether I can offer you something that will have a positive impact on how you feel.

I think it’s fair (and realistic) to say that 99% of clients that come to me want to improve their confidence and how they feel.  This is true of every single treatment that I offer, from medical tattooing to semi-permanent eyebrows, and everything in-between.  I know this from personal experience too – I didn’t wear shorts for years after multiple (and frankly brutal) knee surgery.  I also didn’t have tails on my eyebrows due to thyroid disease – I constantly worried that I looked angry!

So I know how it feels to walk around thinking everyone is looking at you.  I also know how much better I felt after I had carried out micro needling scar treatments on my knee and had my eyebrows tattooed.   I think wearing shorts for the first time 2 years ago was one of the most emotional personal moments I can remember. Thank goodness too – as last summer (2018) was the hottest summer on record, so boy was I glad I was in shorts then!

Chrysalis by Nikki Butler

With all of this focus on ‘WHY’ and feelings, I really felt that I needed a new brand that supported this.  I worked with a genius branding guy who understood exactly where I was coming from.   I had thought that a chrysalis/butterfly was a good representation of what I offer, so I had this in mind on my way to my meeting to look at the first drafts.   I nearly fell off of my chair when my Ed (genius branding guy) presented me with a version of the logo you see today – with the title Chrysalis!! We hadn’t even discussed it.  It is perfect…..what’s more perfect is if you tip your head to one side, you’ll see that the butterfly is made up of two female hair lines joined together.  GENIUS.

So what’s new?

Well, I’m still a Medical & Cosmetic Tattooist – that hasn’t changed.   I have removed some services from my treatment list, so that I can focus on the treatments that I really believe have the most impact for my clients.  So whilst I am trained and experienced in lip and eyeliner treatments, I don’t advertise that I offer these anymore.  This was a conscious decision to move away from fashion makeup and to focus my time and efforts on the treatments you can see in my treatment list today.

Share the love

I hope you love my new branding as much as I do.  Keep an eye out for new posts and stories on social media.  I’ll be keeping my website up to date with lots of interesting blogs and stories, so stay posted for lots of new information.  If you know anyone that you think might have a linked business or interest and they would like to write a guest post – then please tell them to get in touch!

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Warmest regards, Nikki


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