The Top 3 things I am asked about Semi-permanent Makeup

Nikki Butler

Nikki Butler

The Top 3 Things I am Asked about Semi-Permanent Makeup


Question 1 – Does it hurt?

OK – this is the FIRST question I am asked….always!

So honestly…..pain levels depend on every client and the type of treatment that you have also makes a difference. Having had pretty much all of the treatments myself, I can tell you that lips hurt the most, whilst the MCA scar treatment I barely felt a thing!

But be assured, I use a local anesthetic to pre-numb you ( I call it ‘magic cream’!). I also use local anesthetic during your treatment to keep you as comfortable as possible.

I would say pain is most definitely bearable, more scratchy than anything. And it’s short lived… will be fine – I promise!

Question 2 – Is it permanent?

In short NO, it’s semi permanent. The pigment is implanted around 1.5-2mm into the skin, so it is in the very outer layer of the dermis (traditional tattooing is implanted around 3.5mm into the deeper layer of the dermis, and is therefore permanent). The pigment is designed to leave the skin and fade out over time, allowing treatments to be adapted over the years.

That said, the length of time semi permanent makeup lasts varies significantly, anything from 1-5 years. The reason that the length of time varies so much depends on:

1. The base of the colour used to start with.

2. Your skin type (oilier skins fade out quicker, for example).

3. Your lifestyle.

4. Sun exposure.

5. Product use.

All of these things are discussed carefully with you at your consultation.


3. Question 3 – Will I look scary after my treatment?

Scary….no, but you might not want to make plans immediately afterwards!

For eyebrows, most people look absolutely fine straight after, save for a little redness around the area which settles within a few hours.

Eyeliner and lips can be a little swollen for up to 48 hours and you can’t wear makeup for seven days after you’ve had your eyeliner done, so bear it in mind!

If you’ve had MCA scar treatment to a visible area of your face or body the the area will look red, but you can use the recommended mineral makeup to cover this up.

So there you have it, my most commonly asked top 3 questions! If you would like to know the answer to anything else then please get in touch.



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