Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows provide the perfect frame for your eyes and really do transform your face and features.

Cosmetic Tattooing is the perfect way to create beautiful eyebrows that can lift the face and actually take years off - far cheaper (and certainly less painful) than a face lift! 

I can create subtle, natural hair stroke brows to really enhance your features. For those that would like a more defined look, powder brows or the 'en trend' ombre brows may be for perfect for you!

Many ladies (and men) are unhappy with their eyebrows, for a variety of reasons; 

  • Short brows / no tails, this is common in those with thyroid disorders
  • Thin sparse brows, this can be due to post chemotherapy or medical conditions. 
  • Over plucked brows
  • Asymmetrical brows - this is most of us, as brows are very rarely symmetrical.
  • Alopecia
  • Trichotillomania 

We will work together to create a brow shape that is right for you.  Through a process of consultation and drawing on the brows, we will be able to ensure that the shape and colour is perfect for you.   I do not pluck or remove the hair that is going to be within the shape of the brow, the only hair removed is that that falls outside of the agreed shape.  I may tidy the brow hair we are leaving (just trimming and grooming).   Once we have agree the colour and shape, I will tattoo the hair strokes onto your brows, ensuring that they blend in with your natural brow/hair. 

There are different types of eyebrow tattooing techniques that I can use.   

  • Natural hair stroke brows, to create a soft subtle enhancement.
  • Powder brow, for a slightly stronger look - recommended only for those that already have hair and wish to achieve a fuller look. 
  • Ombre Brow, a more subtle version of a powder brow, using a combination of colours and blending techniques. 
  • Combination Brows, using a combination of natural hair strokes and shading techniques. 
  • 3D Micro Brows, using ultra fine micro needles to create super fine hair strokes. this is recommended for ladies with very little to no natural hair, mature ladies or those with very blonde hair.