Medical Treatments

Medical Tattoo Treatments provide incredible results and play a significant part in restoring patients confidence. 

There are four main area's of Medical Tattooing, which I will explain in more detail below.

 NB. I do not show photographs of medical procedures online, in order to protect the privacy of my clients and patients.  I do have written permission from a large number of clients so that I can share their photos at a consultation, so please do book in for a free consultation to discuss further. 

MCA Scar Therapy (Multi-trepannic Collagen Actuation) is also known as dry needling or micro needling.

MCA Therapy is carried out with the use of a specialist medical tattooing machine, using a dry needle technique (no pigment/colour used).  The treatment consists of a needle that enters the surface layers of the skin, just enough to cause a minor trauma and stimulate blood flow to the area.  The process causes minute punctures, which creates channels that trigger the body to produce collagen, melanin  and elastin, in order to fill the wounds – therefore promoting further healing.

Whilst this isn’t a scar removal treatment (no such thing exists unfortunately), it can improve the look, feel, firmness and appearance of scars considerably.


 Areola and Nipple Tattooing

With the use of advanced specialist techniques and equipment, it is possible to create an incredibly realistic areola and nipple.  This treatment is suitable for patients following breast cancer reconstructive surgery, following either a single or double mastectomy.  Ladies that have been through breast augmentation surgery, where the areola and/or nipple has been moved or removed and also post transgender surgery.

I am a BUPA recognised Medical Tattooist for 3D areola tattooing.  


Hair Follicle Simulation - Scalp Tattooing

This is a highly advanced technique that give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair, by tattooing thousands of micro dots to replicate your natural follicle pattern.  This treatment is suitable for male and female hair loss patterns, scar camouflage on the scalp and to provide more definition to a natural hair line.