FInd out how the Advanced Meso-Facial can help you GLOW

on Wed 31 May

I'm just going to start by saying 'I LOVE THIS TREATMENT AND I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS'.  There, I've said capitals, I REALLY mean it! 

So why do I 'LOVE' this treatment and products? Well it's two fold really (I'll explain properly, don't worry). This treatment and product combination does two things; 

1.  It pushes amazing products into the deeper layers of the skin, where they can be more effective and work their magic.  

2. It, wait for this.....(I need capitals, hang on) MAKES YOUR SKIN WORK AND PRODUCE IT'S OWN FRESH COLLAGEN, I am serious, it kick starts your skins natural ability to produce collagen - stick with me, I'll explain more about this! 

OK, I'm going to work 'backwards' and start with my second point about collagen production - because that's the part that everyone is always really interested in! 

I should start by explaining that collagen is a protein that is present in the body and is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of your skin. It's the reason you have beautifully plump and glowing skin in your youth, which miraculously springs back when you pinch it. 

Depending on which research papers and reports you read (OK, I read), our collagen levels start to deplete between age 26-29. I mean, are you kidding me?! What age is that!? So as we age, our bodies ability to produce collagen naturally depletes, it's estimated by around 1% every year from age 26-29! So anything we can do to preserve our collagen levels is super important in my opinion. 

 So for me, the beauty and power of this treatment is that it combines the use of amazing products, whilst also getting your skin to work for itself.  Genius!

Typically, a course of 6 treatments is recommended initially. Depending on your skin type and products used, this would be between 10-14 days apart.  After the course of treatment, you need to have a break of 4 weeks minimum - this is because your skin is still working hard to produce fresh collagen.

You can then choose to have a monthly top up treatment - or return for another course of treatment after, say, a holiday abroad where your skin has been exposed to the sun.   Some client's don't feel the need to return at all - the choice is really yours.   

The Cell Biologique range is a wonderful range of products that really helps to support the Advanced Meso-Plus facials. There are a number of difference systems to support different skin types/requirements.  Whilst the products do help to improve results, you can still get excellent results without them. 

I really do believe that this treatment is a 'wonder'! I have had ladies that have been considering more invasive treatments come to me for a course of meso. The results have been so impressive that they have not gone on to have their previously planned procedures.  Personally, I consider this a great alternative to botox! 

For further information, please get in touch on 07879998080, or contact me via the Contacts Page. Nikki x